Build your own LEGO golf cart for your minifigures to drive!

This is a super fun and simple LEGO project designed by my 14 year old. Owen loves building LEGO vehicles. He designed several of the vehicles in our newest LEGO book, The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations.

Kids can build this golf cart with the bricks they already have. As always, I’ll share links to BrickLink for some of the more rare pieces in case you want to order individual bricks. However, I don’t think any of these bricks are all that rare, so hopefully you’ll have them on hand! Encourage kids to substitute colors if needed or to make modifications to the design.

LEGO Golf Cart Building Instructions

Step 1: Grab a 2 x 6 black plate and two 2 x 2 black plates.

Step 2: Connect these three plates by adding a 1 x 4 black plate, a 2 x 2 black plate, a 4 x 4 black plate, another 2 x 2 plate, and another 1 x 4 plate.

Step 3: Add a 1 x 2 white brick and a 2 x 2 white brick. Then add four 2 x 1 curved slope bricks.

Step 4: Add the front of the golf cart, add a 2 x 3 curved slope brick. Then add a 1 x 2 white slope (30 degree), two 1 x 1 dark gray plates with a clip, and a steering wheel. Then add a 1 x 2 light gray slope (30 degree) to make the back of the seat.

Step 5: Add a 2 x 4 white plate to the back of the golf cart. Then add a 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 white bracket.

Step 6: Add two 1 x 4 black curved slopes. Then find a 4 x 4 white plate with four studs. Use a regular 4 x 4 white plate if needed. Then here is the black windscreen roll cage that we used.

Step 7: Add wheels, and your golf cart is complete!

These are the bricks that Owen used to make a little golf bag.

We ordered the golf club from BrickLink – it was originally packaged with one of the series minifigures. It’s a little hard to tell with these all-black pieces, but the two in the middle are 1 x 2 tiles.

Here’s how the golf bag looks all assembled.

Now it’s time to play golf! Set up a scene with one of your minifigures teeing off!

Owen has the golf ball (a 1 x 1 white round plate) attached to a light gray bar with 1 x 1 round plate.

Lego golf cart

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