Build a desk organizer with working drawers – out of LEGO® bricks!

Lego Organizer

Aidan and I had fun building this LEGO® desk organizer. The drawers really open and close, and we included a charging station for his iPod.

Lego organizer

The basic concept of this design is so simple, and you could make all kinds of variations to organize different things – coins, marble collections, minifigure parts, school supplies, rubber bands, paper clips, magnets. Endless possibilities!

Lego Organizer

The sizes of the drawers will be limited by what flat pieces you have on hand.

Each drawer is one single flat brick. We used smooth flat bricks along the bottom of the drawer opening to make the drawers slide in and out. The drawer handles are attached to bricks that have studs on the front.

Lego Organizer

Each drawer opening also needs bricks for the drawer to rest on.

Lego Organizer

We also used smooth flat bricks on the top of each drawer. It’s not necessary to go around the entire drawer with smooth pieces – we just used what we had.

Lego Organizer

Aidan has this on his desk now, but unfortunately it will be a temporary build as it used SO many of our basic bricks! We’ll have to take it down and free up the pieces eventually. But it was enjoyable to build, and the fun of LEGO® is building something different next time, anyway. 🙂

Build a Lego Desk Organizer

This LEGO® organizer was inspired by the one we saw on A Typical English Home.

What will your kids put in their LEGO® organizer? We’d love to see a picture on our Facebook page – share one if your kids build this!

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  1. Pinkoddy Feb 11, 2015

    That is absolutely amazing, how very creative.


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