Build LEGO Maps! This is a unique building challenge that kids will love.

Creating LEGO maps is a fun activity for a rainy day, but it also makes a great learning activity.

You might want to combine this challenge with our LEGO Famous Landmarks Activity for a fabulous geography lesson!

Bricks Needed:

  • 32 x 32 baseplates
  • Basic bricks in an assortment of colors

If you need more baseplates, you can find them at Walmart or Target or or BrickLink. Here’s a link to the ones that we used in the photos – 32 x 32 baseplates.

There are so many ways to build a LEGO map! Here are the ideas we came up with.

Build a LEGO map of your state or country.

We started with Texas, of course, because that’s where we live. Texas is a little tricky to build! I printed an outline map of the state and used that as a guide.

Feel free to copy our Texas design!

Then I built Pennsylvania because that’s the state I was born in. And NONE of my kids recognized which state this was!! I have done a terrible job teaching them about my home state apparently.

Build a LEGO City Map

This idea is a bit more creative! Challenge kids to use their LEGO bricks to create a city map with streets and buildings.

My 14 year old built this one. He says that the 2 x 2 brown bricks are houses. Then this city has buildings and a pond.

If you have enough baseplates, you could make a larger city with roads that are wide enough to drive LEGO cars on. This version is really just a map and not a scene to play with. I think it turned out so cool though!

Build a LEGO Treasure Map

Here’s another creative and open-ended map idea. Make your own pirate treasure map out of LEGO bricks!

Make sure the map has an X marking the spot where the treasure is buried, haha. Kids will enjoy adding rivers, rocks, quicksand, and other hazards. So fun.

Here’s a larger Pirate Treasure Map that I built as part of our LEGO Mural Building Cards. (Scroll down to find the treasure map).

Build a LEGO House Floor Plan

My husband came up with this fun idea! Challenge kids to use their bricks to design a floor plan for LEGO house. Then they can add kitchen cabinets, chairs, beds, etc.

Encourage kids to think through their design the way a real home builder would. Is there enough room to walk through the halls? Is the door of the bedroom in a good place?

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