Build your own LEGO Jack O’Lanterns with the bricks you have! This is a fun and creative LEGO challenge that kids will love.

Last night, I decide to see how many pumpkin faces I could build with orange LEGO bricks. We have quite a supply of orange bricks because of the bricks I ordered for our LEGO Pumpkin Lanterns a few years ago.

(The pumpkin lanterns are SUPER fun, by the way! You can light them up with battery powered tea lights.)

These LEGO Jack O’Lanterns don’t require near as many bricks as the lanterns. And they’re so fun to make! I keep changing ours up a little to try new faces.

Ready to build some LEGO Jack O’Lanterns?

Start by organizing your bricks to find all the orange bricks you have. Slope bricks are very useful for making the eyes and mouths.

If you don’t have enough orange, add in some yellow bricks too!

I’ll show you how to build the jack o’lantern on the left because it has some special pieces.

Start with two 2 x 2 inverted slope bricks and a 2 x 2 brick.

Place a 2 x 6 plate on top of the bricks.

Then add two 1 x 3 x 2 inverted arches. Add two 1 x 1 bricks behind each one to fill in the space.

Then add another 2 x 6 plate. Attach a 1 x 2 brick to the underside to make a tooth.

Next, add a layer of bricks. I used a 2 x 4 and a 2 x 2. To make the eyes, place two 1 x 2 plates and a 2 x 2 plate on the pumpkin as shown.

Then add a 2 x 2 brick in the center and a 2 x 2 inverted slope on each side.

Finish up your pumpkin by adding two 2 x 4 plates. Then add a 2 x 2 brick and two 2 x 2 slopes. For the stem, I used a 2 x 2 lime green round brick.

Then design some more LEGO Jack O’Lanterns!

Here’s another mouth option for the one on the left! Instead of using two 2 x 2 slopes and two 2 x 2 inverted slopes, you can make a mouth like this. I used two 1 x 2 plates for each tooth. 1 x 2 bricks just seemed to hang down too far.

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