Here’s a collection of fall and Halloween projects to build with LEGO® bricks! Construct a working candy machine, some upside-down hanging bats, a pumpkin catapult, silly monsters, and more.

These projects make great LEGO challenges for a LEGO club or class because kids do not have to build them exactly the same. They can put their own spin on these projects!

I’ll start with our most popular idea! This LEGO® candy dispenser has been a reader favorite because it’s easy to build and it works well.

We also have a second LEGO® candy machine that dispenses individually wrapped candies.

Owls are a year-round thing, I guess, but they always make me think of fall. Here’s a LEGO® owl to build that really turns its head.

Launch candy pumpkins with this powerful LEGO® catapult. If you don’t want to use candy, those plastic LEGO® balls make good ammunition.

Build LEGO® Pumpkin Lanterns! Battery powered tea lights make these little brick jack o’lanterns light up.

Use your imagination to create Silly Monsters. This is one of my favorites!

Here are two ways to build LEGO® Bats. One of them was designed by my 8 year old son, and it’s really cute! Well, if bats can be cute.

You can also build some posable LEGO® spiders. Three different designs.

These tiny LEGO® turkeys are cute enough to put on the Thanksgiving dinner table!

Build a fall tree shadow box with LEGO® bricks. Fun fall decor idea!

If you enjoy building LEGO mosaics, we also have some printable Fall LEGO Building Cards. These are perfect for creating a building station with basic bricks.

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Want to build more LEGO® inventions?

Our LEGO® book, Genius LEGO® Inventions with Bricks You Already Have, is perfect for every LEGO inventor! This book is packed with 40 machines, contraptions, and gadgets with real moving parts. Each project has a parts list and step-by-step instructions. Create a transforming robot that changes from robot to car and back again, a drummer that really plays the drums, robots with moving parts, a toy that climbs down a ladder, a marble maze cube, and so much more.

Order here: Genius LEGO® Inventions with Bricks You Already Have

Have fun with LEGO building!

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  1. Shonna Oct 10, 2022

    Hello! All your projects look so fun. Where do you get the various pieces to make most of your projects? I want to send my grandkids the instructions and Legos to make the bats (they are doing a bat theme for Halloween). I spent an hour trying to find the various pieces on Amazon & after more than an hour and a headache later I couldn't find what I needed.

    1. Sarah Oct 15, 2022

      I would definitely not recommend Amazon for buying individual Lego pieces! We use Brick Link or the Bricks & Pieces area on

      Brick Link can be a little hard to figure out, but once you get the hang of it, it's great. I wrote an article on how to use Brick Link:

  2. Karyn Kyle Oct 30, 2023

    Between eBay, Great Brick Lab or Brick Owl, all these are VERY EASY to use and I can get most pieces from them. Brink Link can be confusing but I just got an order from them REAL FAST! took a long time. Is there a trick to getting it faster from them?

    1. Sarah Nov 5, 2023

      I do prefer Brick Link because of how fast my orders arrive! We've had the same experience with


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