We’re back with another fun and simple Christmas craft for kids! Grab a few cereal boxes from the recycling bin and make these colorful Christmas trees.

This craft is fun for all ages! My 5, 7, 10, and 13 year olds all happily participated, and the trees in this post are all ones that they made. Add the completed Christmas trees to a Christmas village, or display them on the table.

Cereal Box Trees Christmas Craft for Kids

The materials for this project could not be simpler! And you can adjust the project based on what you have in your craft stash.

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard from cereal boxes or other packages
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Scissors
  • Paint – we used acrylic
  • Something to stabilize the trees. We used a wood bead and a wood circle, but another great option is to use modeling clay or play dough.

First, cut out several triangle shaped Christmas trees. You’ll need two triangles for each completed tree. I made a pattern out of card stock so that I could trace as many as we needed.

Then paint your trees. You’ll want two identical triangles to make each tree.

The kids had fun painting ornaments, garland, and decorations on their trees. We cut out a few cardboard stars to glue on the trees as well.

Cut a bamboo skewer into short lengths to make trunks for the trees. Paint the trunks brown. We used gardening clippers for cutting (adult job).

To assemble your trees, glue the trunk to the back side of one of your triangles. Then glue on the second triangle.

You’ll need to add something to the base of your trees to make them stand up. I had some wooden beads that fit the skewers quite well. I put a little glue on the skewer, and then slid it into the bead. Then I glued on a wood circle to make the base larger.

This worked well for us, but if you don’t have these supplies you can use a small ball of modeling clay or play dough.

Cereal Box Trees Christmas Craft for Kids

It’s really fun to make trees in different colors, with different ornament designs. They look so pretty together!

For a decorating idea, check out our Christmas village made with wooden gingerbread houses.

Looking for more Christmas craft ideas?

Make some classic (and adorable!) felt Christmas ornaments. There are printable patterns in the post.

Make some gingerbread man snowflakes! These are too cool, and easy to make.


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  1. Stacey Salmond Dec 20, 2019

    Hi Sarah! I feel like your a homeschool friend! Your ideas are so fun! Last week I used your Christmas Tree Multiplication game and Story Starters and handwriting sheets. That helped us get throour last week of school before the start of our break! Thank you for all your ideas! Keep them coming! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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