Here’s a collection of engaging Christmas STEM activities that kindergartners and first graders will love! Work on science, engineering, and math simple supplies, and a festive holiday theme.

These activities are perfect for kids ages 5 – 7, and several of them can be modified for older kids as well. However, I do have a separate collection of Christmas STEM Challenges for kids age 8 – 12.

There are two ways to enjoy these Christmas STEM challenges:

  • Read about each activity with the photos and instructions below.
  • Grab the printed copy which is available for purchase at the bottom of the post.

Even and Odd Christmas Trees

Use LEGO bricks to build Christmas trees with even and odd numbers.

This is a fun and quick activity, and a great way to practice counting by odd or even numbers.

There are two ways to build even and odd LEGO trees. You can make the tree upright like the one shown below.

Or you can build your tree as a mosaic on a LEGO plate.

The tree below is an EVEN Christmas tree with rows that have 2, 4, 6, etc. studs.

If you go with the mosaic version, kids can decorate their trees!

Pattern Candy Cane Ornaments

Grab some pipe cleaners and beads and make candy cane ornaments! This classic Christmas craft has a math twist, however. Kids will create patterns with their beads.

Supplies Needed:

  • Pipe cleaners – cut into 7 inch segments
  • Red, green, and white beads
  • Hot glue gun

We found that 7 inches is the perfect length for a candy cane ornament. You may want to cut the pipe cleaners ahead of time if you are doing this activity with a class.

How many patterns can you make with three colors of beads? Quite a few, actually!

Red, white, green, red, white, green

Red, red, green, white, white

Green, green, red, white

And so on!

We found some translucent beads at the craft store that we thought were really pretty!

One of these is a repeat of one of the patterns above, but the other is new:

Red, white, white, green, red, white, white, green

Here’s a tip for having kids check their patterns: Have them say the colors out loud! That is usually a great way for kids to catch any mistakes in their patterns. They’ll hear the difference in rhythm.

How Many Ways Can You Build a Christmas Tree?

This is a simple STEM challenge that can be done with whatever building toys, sets, or supplies you have. Challenge kids to build a Christmas tree. They can even add ornaments to their tree!

Materials that can be used to build a Christmas tree:

  • LEGO bricks
  • Magnetic tiles
  • Keva planks, or similar
  • Wood building blocks
  • Colored craft sticks
  • Plastic cups
  • K’nex
  • Pom poms
  • Buttons
  • Felt
  • Anything else you can think of!

Snowstorm in a Jar

Here’s a fun science activity! Make your own Snowstorm in a Jar. This is a fun twist on the classic lava lamp science experiment. It has nothing to do with actual snow, but it’s a cool chemical reaction that is amazing to watch.

This activity requires adult help with the setup, but once you’ve filled your jar, kids can set off the reaction over and over without replacing the contents of the jar!

See the instructions for this science experiment here: Snowstorm in a Jar

Christmas Geometric Shapes

Challenge kids to build 2D geometric shapes with mini marshmallows and red and green toothpicks.

Our printable version of this activity has 6 different shapes for kids to build, including a star.

If you want to avoid using food for this activity, kids can connect the toothpicks with small balls of modeling clay or play dough. Such a great activity for fine motor skills!

Chilly Chemical Reactions

Did you know that some chemical reactions cause the products of the reaction to either be hot or cold? Here’s a fun way to experiment with endothermic reactions that become COLD to the touch!

You can see all the details for this science activity here: Chilly Chemical Reactions

Kindergarten and First Grade Christmas STEM Printable Pack

Are you interested in a printable option? Grab our kindergarten and first grade Christmas STEM pack for $3.50!

What’s in the Kindergarten and First Grade STEM Pack:

  • Printable activity cards for 6 hands-on STEM activities – the same ones shown above.
  • 6 pages of Christmas-themed math worksheets

These are the STEM challenge cards:

And these are the math worksheets! You’ll get two pages of addition, two pages of coin counting, one page with money word problems, and one “I Spy” addition and subtraction page.

This one is my favorite! Counting out coins to put in the stockings.

Ready to print your Christmas STEM pack?

The PDF file is $3.50. You can print the activity pages or view them on a tablet, etc.



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