Here’s a fun craft for kids that is perfect for Valentine’s Day! Use coffee filters to make beautiful heart snowflakes. Even the youngest preschoolers will enjoy helping to color the coffee filters, while older kids can dye the filters and cut the snowflakes too.

Dyeing coffee filters with markers is such a fun process, especially for preschoolers. First, cover your coffee filter with marker dots. Make LOTS and LOTS of dots. The more the better!

Then, use a dropper to drip water onto the coffee filter and watch the colors spread! So much fun. Encourage kids to just do a few drops at a time. If you do too much water, it will just rinse the color right out of the filter!

You don’t necessarily have to do dots – you can also color on the filter with the markers.

We spread our coffee filters out on paper towels to dry. As you can see, each one had its own pattern of color depending on how we colored it to start with. (And how much water we dripped on it – ha!)

To cut the snowflakes, fold your coffee filter in half. Then fold it in thirds.

Then cut out a design, including some half hearts.

Then unfold! Janie was so impressed with all the hearts. She loves hearts, as well as anything pink and girly. Such a change for this house of boys!

We glued out snowflakes to purple construction paper, and they are so pretty! I tried red paper and white paper first, but those didn’t really provide enough contrast for the snowflakes to really stand out.

Have fun crafting!

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  1. Faye Jan 27, 2018

    Cute love or valentine activity that incorporates creativity and science!! I love the blue bowl. Where did you find it??

    1. Sarah Jan 28, 2018

      We bought it at Michael's craft store, and it's so useful! It's a tray that was marketed at something to play with kinetic sand on. We have used it for play dough, slime, kinetic sand, and a number of messy art projects.


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