We love a good snowflake craft in the winter time! Because snowflakes have such varied designs and are so unique, it’s fun to challenge kids to design their own snowflakes. We’ve made LEGO snowflakes and Perler bead snowflakes, and of course paper snowflakes.

These craft stick doodle snowflakes are definitely a new favorite! Build snowflakes out of craft sticks and popsicle sticks, and then add doodles to them with a paint marker. The finished product looks so amazing.

Snowflake Craft - Doodle Snowflakes

This snowflake craft is truly fun for all ages. Older kids and teens can create some really amazing designs, but even preschoolers can paint the sticks and draw doodles.

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Supplies Needed:

  • Craft Sticks and Popsicle Sticks – we chose to use both sizes. We also used some mini popsicle sticks, which we have purchased at both Walmart and Hobby Lobby. Here are the mini popsicle sticks on Amazon.
  • Tacky Glue or Hot Glue
  • Acrylic paint – we used white and light blue
  • Paint markers – we like the Sharpie Oil-Based paint markers. Regular Sharpies work too, but not quite as well.

First, gather an assortment of popsicle sticks. Paint them white and blue and let them dry.

Then start assembling them in snowflake shapes! We used hot glue, but a good craft glue such as Tacky Glue will work well also. Wood glue is another possibility.

For this design, I used scissors to cut some of the popsicle sticks into short segments.

Here’s another fun design. Start with three popsicle sticks.

Then glue mini popsicle sticks to the tips of those sticks as shown. So cool!

Once your snowflakes are assembled and the glue had dried, start adding doodles with a paint marker.

snowflake craft

Doodles that work well:

  • Lines
  • Triangles
  • Dots
  • Tiny Dots
  • Stars
  • Wavy lines

The little mini snowflakes are made with three mini popsicle sticks each. This is a great place to start for young kids.

My 7 year old and 15 year old made the snowflakes below.

It’s hard to pick a favorite!

Hang the finished snowflakes in the window, or use them to make a bunting with ribbon or yarn. Or add magnets to the back and use them to decorate the refrigerator.

Need more snowflake craft ideas?

Build some LEGO Snowflakes! These are a lot of fun, and there are so many different ways to build them.

Learn How to Cut & Fold Awesome Paper Snowflakes. It’s easy to get amazing designs when you know the trick to folding them!


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