We’ve been all about pumpkin decorating ideas this year! The difficulty of 2020 is just making the changing seasons and the upcoming holidays seem that much more special.

Last week, I posed these fun cat, spider, and owl pumpkin decorating ideas, and now I’ve got another idea for decorating pumpkins with markers and designs.

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Choosing Your Pumpkins

White pumpkins seem to be all the rage lately! I bought artificial white pumpkins for decorating, and did not realize that there are real ones too. Well, there are! It seems like the larger white pumpkins have a lot of imperfections that would make them difficult to draw on, but we bought white gourds at our local grocery store that were just perfect.

Markers for Drawing on Pumpkins

You can go two ways when it comes to which markers to use for decorating pumpkins. We tested both regular Sharpie markers and oil-based Sharpie paint pens.

Oil-Based Sharpie Paint Pens: I LOVE the oil-based Sharpie paint pens for decorating rocks! They are more expensive than regular Sharpies. However, mine have lasted a long time. These definitely have a brighter, bolder color when drawing on pumpkins.

Regular Sharpie Markers: These are probably the best for younger kids. They are easier to control and the cost is less. However, the colors do not come out as vivid on pumpkins as they do on paper.

NOTE ABOUT ORANGE PUMPKINS: I tested both types of markers on an orange pumpkin. The oil-based Sharpies are definitely the way to go if you’re using orange pumpkins. The colors of regular Sharpies just don’t show up very well at all. However, even with the oil-based markers, yellow won’t show up on orange, and some of the other colors look different than they would on paper.

We put a large piece of paper under each pumpkin, which was a very good idea for protecting the table!

Fall leaves outlined in black make a very striking design! My 14 year old son designed this pumpkin, and I love it.

But simple stripes from a 6 year old also look great!

Here are some pumpkins that our friend Angela and I designed.

This one makes use of lines and dots. There are so many things that kids can do with geometric shapes.

The finished pumpkins look so good!

We have them displayed on our mantle.

Need more pumpkin decorating ideas?

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We’ve also got these Felt Woodland Animal Pumpkins. They use felt and real pumpkins to make some adorable animals.


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  1. Debra Sep 8, 2022

    Where do you get the white pumpkins from pls?

    1. Tonya Oct 4, 2023

      We got ours at our local farmer's market. HTH


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