We’ve been having so much fun with fall crafts this year!

The weather has turned cooler, and we’ve seen a few yellow leaves around.  We’re in Texas, so it’s a little early for fall color, if we get any at all.  It’s still fun to celebrate fall, even if our local trees don’t seem to think so!  Last week, we made fall candle jars, and this week we made artwork with fall trees.

We had red, orange, and yellow tissue paper left over from our candle jars, so I cut it into squares for fall trees.

I cut out a construction paper trunk for Owen (age 3), and he had so much fun gluing on tissue paper leaves:

Aidan and Gresham did a more complicated technique.  I showed them how to fold the tissue paper square around the eraser end of their pencil, dip it into the glue, and then stick it on their paper to make a three dimensional “leaf”.

This is Gresham’s (age 6).  He cut out his own trunk, and he added a drawing of a fox and a bird to his picture:

This is Aidan’s (age 9):

I was so happy with the way the trees turned out!  Now I need a good way to display them.  I’ve seen so many fun ideas for displaying kid’s artwork on Pinterest, but our problem is that we don’t have any open wall space!  Our house is a very open floor plan, which we love, but there are not many walls for hanging things up.

More Fall Tree Art:

Last year, we made fall trees with paint.

Check out this fall leaf garland made with waxed paper and melted crayons at Creative Connections for Kids.

I love this fall leaf suncatcher – we may have to make those with the rest of our tissue paper!


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  1. Kristi@Creative Connections for Kids Oct 11, 2012

    Thanks for sharing our leaf garland. I've been making tissue paper leaf trees at work with my kids too. They love them! Kristi


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