Use your LEGO® bricks to build an elf, a reindeer that really moves his legs, a puppy that comes out of a present, and more. We’ve been having fun designing new Christmas projects with LEGO® bricks for the holiday season!

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This year, we decided to create some mechanical LEGO® Christmas projects to celebrate the release of Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have. Because 3 out of the 5 projects require quite a few steps, I decided that they each needed to be in their own post. This post has links to everything.

Build an Elf – instructions in this post.

Build gifts – instructions in this post.

Build penguins – photos in this post (no full instructions)

Build a mechanical reindeer – instructions HERE

Build a puppy in a present – instructions HERE

Here’a video demonstration of the projects!

Let’s start with an Elf!

This festive little elf is easy to build with the bricks you already have. Just swap out colors if you need to, or modify the design a little to accommodate the pieces you have.

I didn’t set out to build the character Buddy from the movie Elf, but the finished elf totally looks like him! I had striped pants on him originally, but changed them to yellow once we noticed the Buddy resemblance. My oldest son pointed out that Buddy doesn’t have elf ears since he’s not actually an elf. Well, he doesn’t look nearly as cute without the elf ears, so I put them back on. You can go either way with yours!

(Looking for printable instructions? I don’t have them yet for these projects, but you can find our Christmas LEGO Ebook here – it has printable instructions for 12 projects.)

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!

Step 1: Grab the bricks shown for beginning the elf’s head.

Step 2: Place two 1 x 2 tan plates, a 1 x 1 tan plate, and a 1 x 1 red round plate on top of a 2 x 3 tan plate.

Step 3: Place the other 2 x 3 tan plate on top of the mouth. Then find the bricks shown.

Step 4: Build the eyes by adding two 1 x 1 bricks with a stud on the side. Attach the eyes to those. Then add a 1 x 2 tan slope.

Step 5: Turn the head around and add a 1 x 1 brown brick with a stud on the side and two 1 x 1 tan bricks with a stud on the side. Then find a 2 x 3 brown plate and two 1 x 2 tan plates with one stud on top.

Step 6: Attach the 2 x 3 brown plate to be hair. It’s only attached by one stud. If you happen to have tan 1 x 1 bricks with studs on TWO sides, that would provide more stability.

Step 7: Add a 1 x 3 tan plate and a 1 x 3 brown plate on top of the head. We’re saving the 1 x 2 tan plates (ears) to add later. Find the bricks shown for building the elf’s hat.

Step 8: Place a 2 x 3 plate and two 2 x 2 plates on top of the elf’s head.

Step 9: Finish building the hat as shown.

Step 10: Grab the bricks shown for building the elf’s body.

Step 11: Assemble them as shown.

Step 12: Add a 2 x 4 green brick and then find the other bricks shown.

Step 13: Place the 2 x 6 plate across the body. Then add a 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 bracket and a 1 x 2 plate.

Step 14: The little snowflake looking round tile is from a Star Wars set! The boys say it’s a rebel symbol, but I think it looks like a snowflake. 🙂 The 2 x 2 tile with one stud on top will hold the elf’s head in a centered position.

Each arm has a 1 x 4 plate, a 1 x 2 plate, a 1 x 2 brick, and a 1 x 1 tan slope.

Step 15: Attach the arms to the shoulders, and find two 1 x 1 bricks and two 1 x 2 inverted slopes.

Step 15: Attach the green bricks to the underside of the body. Then build the legs. Each foot is two 1 x 3 plates and a 1 x 1 slope. You can use 1 x 3 bricks if you don’t have the plates, but I just think the plates look a little better.

Step 16: Attach the legs, and your elf is all done!

Build some gifts!

LEGO® brick gifts are another fun project to build. We used four 2 x 4 bricks on top of a 4 x 4 plate. for a bow, grab a 1 x 4 plate, a 1 x 2 plate, and a 1 x 1 plate. Add little round plates or flowers on top if you want!

Build some Penguins

My 12 year old designed these cute LEGO® penguins.

They should be easy to build from the photos. The piece that the beak is attached to is a 1 x 2 – 1 x 2 bracket. He used an inverted bracket on the penguin on the left, and a regular bracket on the penguin on the right.

Give the penguins winter hats if you want to!

If you have an aspiring engineer, be sure to check out our newest LEGO® book! Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have has instructions for building mechanical robots, marble run projects, a catapult, candy machine, drawbridge, construction crane, and tons more!

Want more Christmas LEGO ideas? We’ve got TONS!

Click here to see all of our LEGO Christmas Projects, including a printable ebook with instructions for 12 projects.


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    Wonderful projects! Thank you very much! My whole family is a big fan of your website.
    Have a wonderful Christmas season.
    Best wishes from France.


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