Aidan and I have been enjoying the awesome LEGO® photos on A Lego a Day (This one is one of our favorites and also this one). We decided we’d try our hand at a little LEGO® photography of our own!

In the middle of his hijack attempt, Thor suddenly got the feeling that he was surrounded…

In the rush of excitement over finding such giant tomatoes, Captain Pendleton’s cries for help went unnoticed…

The army guys gave up on their toast-making mission in favor of a rescue instead…

We had a lot of fun creating LEGO® scenes and taking pictures! There are lots of possibilities with this – take your minifigures outside and set up scenes in your flower beds, have them climb rocks in the yard, sail boats in the bathtub, etc.

Taking pictures of toys is something we have enjoyed in the past as well – if you are a newer reader of Frugal Fun for Boys, check out this post (from October) in which we made our own Toy Story episode!

We also made a book using photos to tell a story about Aidan’s stuffed bear. I would like to do this again using our puppy as the subject of the story – maybe for Aidan’s birthday this summer!

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  1. thefarmerfiles May 6, 2011

    THIS is inspirational!

    1. Sarah May 8, 2011

      Thanks! It was a lot of fun to do! It's nice to find things that the boys enjoy that I can really enjoy as well.

  2. Kim @ The Educators' Spin On it Jun 12, 2013

    My daughters loves doing this too! It's a great way to inspire storytelling and writing with kids! Plus it's just too much fun!


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