Here’s a new card game to learn that is perfect for your next family game night!  This has been a favorite in our family for years.  I played it with my grandparents and at family gatherings.  My great uncle used to tease my great aunt that this game kept her mind sharp!  Some of the best memories happen around a good family game.

You can play this game with anywhere from 2 to 6 players.  You’ll need one deck of cards for every two players.

There are 11 rounds to the game.  In each round, the number of cards dealt changes, and the requirements for laying down your hand changes.  The wild card also changes!  Ha!  See what I mean about keeping your mind sharp?

We’ll talk about the rounds in a minute, but first let’s talk about turns. The dealer deals out the correct number of cards.  He’ll then place the rest of the deck on the table and turn the top card over.  When it is your turn, you’ll make a choice to either take the top card from the discard pile or draw a card from the deck.  You’ll end your turn by choosing a card to discard.  You can lay down your cards when your hand meets the requirements of the round.

To lay down (or go out, whatever you want to call it) a player must use all their cards.  The rounds are as follows.


Jokers are wild on all rounds.

Round 1 – Deal 3 cards.  3’s are wild.  Must have a set of 3 or run of 3 to go out.

Round 2 – Deal 4 cards. 4’s are wild.  Must have a set of 4 or run of 4 to go out.

Round 3 – Deal 5 cards. 5’s are wild.  Must have a set of 5 or run of 5 to go out.

Round 4:  Deal 6 cards. 6’s are wild.  Must have a set of 6, run of 6, or two runs of 3, two sets of 3, or a set of 3 and run of 3.  Lots of options here!

From here on out, all sets or runs must have at least 3 cards.  There are several combinations that will allow you to lay down your cards.

Round 5:  Deal 7 cards.  7’s are wild.  Must play all 7 cards to go out.

Round 6:  Deal 8 cards. 8’s are wild. Must play all 8 cards to go out.

Round 7:  Deal 9 cards. 9’s are wild. Must play all 9 cards to go out.

Round 8:  Deal 10 cards.  10’s are wild. Must play all 10 cards to go out.

Round 9:  Deal 11 cards.  Jacks are wild. Must play all 11 cards to go out.

Round 10:  Deal 12 cards.  Queens are wild. Must play all 12 cards to go out.

Round 11:  Deal 13 cards.  Kings are wild. Must play all 13 cards to go out.


Once a player has gone out, everyone else gets one more turn.

For the players who could not go out, any sets or runs that have 3 or more cards do not count against them. The rest of the cards do.

Ace is low.

Modifications for younger kids:

We don’t always play the whole game in one sitting!  If you have younger kids, or if you don’t have long to play, just play the first few rounds and then determine a winner.  Or, save the rest of the rounds for later.

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  1. Erin Evans Jul 19, 2018

    thank you for sharing this card game! our family is always looking for new games to play together. this game looks like something we will all enjoy!!

  2. Carolyn Sep 3, 2018

    The instructions say "the rest of the cards do" (count against them). In what way do the rest of the cards count against them? Thanks!

    1. Rose Crabtree Jan 11, 2019

      We count the remaining cards as number states with Ace-1; 2-10 as per number; Jack=11; Queen=12; King-13

      1. Eileen Feb 17, 2019

        Sounds like fun. What does the Joker count???

        1. smokeytx88 Feb 26, 2019

          King, Queen and Jack are 10 each. Jokers and wild cards are 20 each when you get stuck with them.

  3. Connie Dec 30, 2018

    We have played this game for years as Progressive Rum.

  4. Aglaia Olsen Jul 16, 2019

    How is this game different from five crowns?

    1. Sarah Jul 23, 2019

      I've never heard of five crowns so I don't know! Could be the same game with multiple names.

  5. Sara Aug 16, 2019

    Maybe a silly question, but if you are playing with small children, are the “runs” in the same suit or just a run of numbers?

    1. Sarah Aug 19, 2019

      Runs need to be in the same suit. Although I think it would work to adjust the rules for young kids!


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