Here’s a LEGO Advent Calendar you can build! Count down to Christmas with 24 LEGO building challenges. These printable cards will give kids a LEGO idea to build every day in December while waiting for Christmas to arrive.

While it’s probably impossible to top our LEGO Advent Calendar with Doors and Candy, the kids and I had so much fun creating these challenges! By the end of the countdown, your kids will have a whole collection of Christmas LEGO projects to display. Some of them can easily become Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree.

I’m sharing this as a Christmas Countdown idea, but these printable building cards don’t have the date on them. So you can use them anytime during the Christmas season!

The LEGO Advent Calendar Challenge Cards are free to print at the bottom of this post.

LEGO Advent Calendar Challenge - 24 Building Ideas

How do the LEGO Advent Calendar Challenge Cards work?

While many of the projects on this site have step-by-step instructions, these Christmas building challenge cards are designed to be creative and open-ended so that kids can build the projects with whatever bricks they have on hand.

Encourage your kids to substitute the bricks shown in the photo with other colors, if necessary. They should also feel free to modify the designs.

Some of the Christmas challenges DO exist on this website with instructions! For those projects, the link for the instructions is included on the challenge card.

If your kids prefer step-by-step instructions, check out our Christmas LEGO Ebook! The ebook has 23 pages worth of printable projects WITH instructions. Note that the projects in the ebook are NOT the same as the projects on these cards, although there is some overlap.

Lego Advent Calendar Challenge

What bricks do we need for these LEGO Advent Calendar Challenge Cards?

As with all of my projects, these Christmas building ideas are not based on any particular set. It’s really not in anyone’s best interests for me to create ideas around sets because LEGO can discontinue sets at any time!

Here are some tips for building a good LEGO collection with plenty of pieces for building.

If there are specific pieces that you want, I recommend ordering LEGO pieces from Brick Link. You may want extra red, green, brown, and white bricks for these projects.

LEGO Advent Calendar challenge cards

Use the LEGO Advent Calendar Challenge Cards to count down to Christmas, or use them for a holiday-themed building station.

The building challenges are numbered, but they do NOT have a date on them. Choose what works for you! Either give your kids one card each day in December, or put out all the cards at once to create a fun LEGO building station. The building station idea would work well for a classroom or a library maker space.

One idea I had is to fold the cards in half and tuck them inside an envelope. Label the envelopes 1-24 and let kids open one each day!

Ready to print your LEGO Advent Challenge Cards?

I am able to make these building cards FREE by giving them to email subscribers. Sign up for the Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls email newsletter, and print your LEGO Advent Challenge Cards!

If you are already a subscriber, sign up again. You won’t be added to the list twice!

For another LEGO Advent Calendar option, check out our LEGO Advent Calendar with Doors and Candy!


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  1. Karen Nov 17, 2020

    Hi, I am the Children's Librarian at Watonga Public Library in Watonga, OK and was wondering if I could post the advent challenges on our website? If not, that's ok, just thought I'd ask!

    1. Sarah Nov 17, 2020

      You can post the link to my website, but please do not upload the building challenge cards directly. :-)

  2. Josh Nov 17, 2020

    great idea 😉

  3. Sarah Nov 17, 2020

    Hi. I entered my email address multiple times and have checked my email and junk box but not received anything. Really would like to download the lego advent cards but I’m not being sent anything. Any ideas?

    1. Sarah Nov 17, 2020

      I actually tested out the form last night, and it took about 10-15 minutes to receive the confirmation email with the download. If yours has still not arrived, please email me and I'll see what I can do! frugalfun4boys @ gmail

  4. Hillary Layne Nov 18, 2020

    This is awesome! Your blog is about to explode!! ❤️❤️

  5. Teresa L. Haley Nov 19, 2020

    Thank you Sarah! I love your website! It's a great homeschool site.

  6. J Kellow Nov 20, 2020

    I also completed the form, over 24 hours ago and have received nothing. I checked my junk folder.

  7. Krista Oldberg Nov 26, 2020

    I've tried to download Thanksgiving items and now the Lego Advent building challenge cards and it always tells me the pdf isn't working and that there's nothing to see.
    what do I do?

  8. Beny Dec 1, 2020

    I live in Lyon, France. I just discover your fantastic Lego family world and I love it. My boys are found of Lego. And they will be very happy to build their own christmas decoration. Thank you so much for your creativity and sharing.

  9. Arts and Bricks Feb 3, 2021

    These are such creative Advent Lego Builds! The past two years, we've purchased LEGO's Advent Calendar Sets and our kids have LOVED having a holiday-themed build to complete each day. In the sets, many of the designs add a hook brick so that you can decorate your Christmas tree with them. We actually converted our Faux Fiddle leaf tree to our holiday Lego ornament tree! The only downside, our kids wake up and build from their set, and then they always want to build more. These idea cards, or your ebook, would be an amazing compliment to the official LEGO Advent Calendar sets. Great job! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Debbie Nov 14, 2022

    Nana of 4 and this is my new goal this year to share your ideas with my grandkids when they visit. I have tons of legos thanks to 3 grown children.

  11. Lynn Craig Nov 16, 2022

    Thank you for these great ideas and resources. I am so great full! I can’t wait to try them with some of my afterschool kiddos. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  12. Martina Nov 27, 2022

    Hi Sarah!
    Thank for this amazing idea! I wanted to make instructions for my son myself but I'm running out of time a bit so yours are a great help. My son loves playing with Lego. I can't wait to see his reaction. Thanks again!

  13. Tracy Dec 4, 2022

    I have been following you for a while and came across the Lego Christmas countdown cards. My daughter's Elf, has been putting them in the homemade advent calender, each night. She enjoys helping me finding the pieces and then building each if them. She is 5years old. We are a Lego family. Thank you for your inspirations and ideas. I loved the dog in a present box (jack in the box). Keep up the good work. From the UK. X


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