Here’s a fun LEGO building challenge that is also a GEOGRAPHY challenge! Learn about the countries of the world by building LEGO flags. Kids will remember the designs of the flags so much better by building them than by just looking at a picture. This activity is a great addition to a geography class or project. Or build them just for fun! The summer Olympic Games are happening right now, so my kids are interested in other countries.

You’ll also want to check out our LEGO Landmark Building Cards – it would be fun to put those two activities together.

Extend the learning by finding the country on a world map and reading about that country!

Bricks Needed: Basic bricks and plates in all colors, but especially blue, red, white, and green.

I love this LEGO building challenge because you can use basic bricks! We made our flags two studs thick using basic bricks. This makes them stand up well on their own. Another option would be to build the flags flat on a baseplate, like a mural.

We chose a few flags to build, but you can build almost any flag! I’ll show close up pictures of the flags we made so that you can see how we built them.

United States:

For this flag, the stars are white 1 x 1 round plates, which are attached to 1 x 1 blue bricks with a stud on the side.

You can make the flag larger and build the correct number of stripes if you want! It would need 6 more stripes. It would be a challenge to do all 50 stars, but it could be done with enough bricks! I think this smaller version works well, too.


It was a fun challenge to build the flag of Jamaica! Plates (flat bricks) are essential in this build.


I really love the Norwegian flag. This one is easy to do in LEGO bricks!


This flag is simple to build! Make three stripes with orange, white, and green. We attached the 2 x 2 blue round plate (the wheel on the flag) to a 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 white bracket. Add white plates around the bracket to complete that layer.


We had to do the Japanese flag since the Olympics are in Tokyo right now!


The flag of France does not actually have a black stripe on the bottom, but I needed a way to attach the three vertical stripes of this flag! You can also use white or gray if you prefer.

Have fun building LEGO flags! And don’t forget to stop by and print your LEGO World Landmark Building Cards.

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  1. Richa Portinari Jul 31, 2021

    This is such a great idea! I can’t think of a more engaging way to teach about other countries’ flags. I teach a Christmas Around the World unit every year in December. I’m definitely going to be adding this activity to that unit study!


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