We’re back with more teeny tiny mini LEGO® projects to build! It’s really fun to create all kinds of little LEGO® creations with just a few bricks.

The post is the second collection of tiny ideas that we’ve done. You can see our other post here: Teeny Tiny Mini LEGO® Projects Part 1.

Mini LEGO Projects to build

My kids often help with LEGO® ideas for this site, but they really made most of the items in this post! I only made a few modifications to their ideas.

We don’t share step-by-step instructions when we share a collection of simple ideas like this because kids will be able to figure these out from the pictures.

Tiny Castle

Castles are fun to build, but creating a full-size castle for minifigures can be a big project. Make a tiny castle to sit on your desk or display on a shelf!

Here’s a view from the back side.


This cute little penguin is ready to slide down the ice at the South Pole! Attach his wings to bricks that have a stud on the side.

The eyes and the nose are attached to a 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 bracket.


If you want, you can swap out the slope pieces on top of his head and give him a flat head like the duck in Crossy Road – HA!

Classic Telephone

This one is possibly my favorite! We have a classic red telephone from Pottery Barn, but it has buttons to push instead of a true rotary. Wish my kids could experience one of those old rotary phones!

Here’s a photo that shows the receiver a little better.

Mini Army Tanks

My 11 year old son came up for the design for this little tanks. He used two tiny wheels, and then placed a larger tire around both of them.

Build a scene for your tanks using a few bricks and trees.


Here’s a fun little submarine! A yellow one, in fact. I wonder if submarines were ever yellow before the Beatles song? Hmm, that’s a good question. My 13 year old built this off of clipart he found, so apparently yellow submarines are a thing now!

Ocean Liner

Another super cute idea from my 11 year old! He looked up a photo of a real ocean liner before building it. Use white pieces (he used a 1 x 1 white round plate and a 1 x 2 white plate) to make smoke coming out of the smoke stacks.


My boys love to build mini robots! This robot was designed by my 13 year old. His head and arms are posable.

If you don’t have the exact pieces shown for this robot, just get creative with what you have!

Here’s one more view that shows the arms and head.

Mini Airplane

This design was one that my 11 year old created. He used some specialized pieces, but they are all from recent sets. Such a cool plane!


My 13 year old could probably tell you what type of crab this is! But I’ll just call it a crab. Use a plate with a handle to attach the head to the shell.


Make a simple little flower! You could also build a vase, and put in more than one flower.

Need more LEGO® inspiration? Here are more projects!

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Make your own Wood LEGO Minifigure Display Stand – this is so easy to make and so AWESOME!

Print these LEGO® Star Wars Mosaic Building Cards – there are 10 designs to build.

Tiny Mini LEGO Projects


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  1. Susan Jun 30, 2020

    I am crazy for that hermit crab. I hope I have all the parts.


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