We’re back with some new LEGO® mosaic building cards, and this time they have a Star Wars theme! These were so fun to create, and I hope that your kids enjoy building their favorite characters. There are 10 LEGO® mosaic building cards to print at the bottom of this post. Pull the building cards out for a rainy day, or use them in a classroom center or a STEM club.

I’ve included photos of each design in this post as well, so if you don’t want to print the cards you can build them directly from the photos.

As with all of our LEGO® mosaics, kids can modify the designs with the bricks they have. The backgrounds certainly don’t need to be the same color as what we have pictured, but kids can also modify the designs any way they like. They are just designed to provide some building inspiration!

We have more than just Star Wars LEGO® mosaics to print! See ALL our mosaic designs at the bottom of this post.

Bricks Needed:

All 10 of these Star Wars mosaic designs can be built on a 16 x 16 plate, but you can also use a larger baseplate. I really like the 16 x 16 plates. They are useful to building so many things!

You’ll also need basic LEGO® bricks. I am often asked what is the best way to accumulate a good collection of basic bricks, so here are my tips! I have mixed feelings about the LEGO® classic sets. They are an awesome way to get loose bricks for building creatively! I don’t like kids to get stuck just building their set and then leaving it up forever, but then again, you don’t want to take down your cool collectible sets! So I like to have a stash of random pieces for creative building in addition to the collectible sets, and the LEGO® classic sets are great for that. However, they include so many colors, that you don’t get very many of any particular color.

These are great ways to stock up on loose bricks:

  • Watch FB buy/sell/trade groups for used bricks. I’ve seen people selling gallon ziplock bags of random pieces! You can also buy used sets and take them apart to get an assortment of pieces.
  • Watch garage sales and thrift stores too!
  • The Brick Wall at the LEGO® store is a great way to find loose bricks! However, there are THOUSANDS of LEGO® elements, so even though the store may have a lot of bricks, it’s a small percentage of the bricks available.
  • You can order the pieces you need on Pick-A-Brick (on the official LEGO® site) or Brick Link.

You may want to laminate your building cards for durability. We like to punch holes in ours and put them on a ring.

The colors on the cards are more vivid than what the photos show – I was getting a lot of reflection on the cards since they were laminated.

Ready to build? Here are some photos of the LEGO Star Wars mosaics. You can also scroll down to the bottom for the printable version.

Let’s start with a classic – R2-D2!

And, of course C3P0.

C3P0 was very hard to design since he is mainly one color. You can’t really show the lines and shape of his face with just one color of LEGO bricks, so I had to improvise.

Luke Skywalker

You can easily use this design to make a Han Solo. Give him brown hair instead of blonde, and give him a shirt and vest.

The Mandalorian

This is intended to be The Mandalorian from the new TV series on Disney Plus. Swap out the colors to make Boba Fett or any of the other Mandalorians.

Everyone’s new favorite… Baby Yoda!

We enjoyed the first season of The Mandalorian!

Princess Leia

Always a favorite!

Storm Trooper

This is an Imperial StormTtrooper, but you can easily modify it to make it a First Order Storm Trooper.


This was my 6th version of Chewie. Seriously! He was hard to do. And I’m not completely happy with this one, but let’s just say that Chewbacca is easier to draw with a pencil than with LEGO bricks!


R2-D2 is still my favorite droid, but BB-8 is right behind!


Last, but not least, we had to build this favorite character from episodes 7, 8, and 9!

Ready to print your LEGO® Star Wars Building Cards?

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Keep building LEGO® mosaics! Try all our awesome designs:


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  1. Elaine Feb 9, 2020

    I love your creativity and ideas! Thank you so much for sharing?

  2. Robyn Dunbar Feb 9, 2020

    Hi Sarah, Thank you so much for all your amazing ideas. I have not been successful with the Star Wars link - I think the link from the confirmation email may be incorrect? I had success accessing the superheroes mosaic pdf, just not the Star Wars one.
    Thanks again for such fantastic ideas!

    1. Sarah Feb 12, 2020

      So sorry! The file was not attached correctly. It's fixed now!

  3. straub-legare straub-legare Feb 10, 2020

    Absolutely love this project. Many thx.

  4. Lacey S Feb 17, 2020

    These are brilliant!! I can't wait to set them up for my boys. It's like the best of Legos, puzzles and star wars combined!! Also, you are your own worst critic on Chewbacca, because I think he looks great!

  5. Mercy Apr 24, 2020

    These are awesome!! My husband, and teenage kids are Star Wars fans. This will be a great activity when we celebrate May the 4th @ home!

  6. Julie A Denton May 17, 2020

    Can you give me a little information about the Brick Link site? I love those base plates...did you say the ones you used for your mosaics are 16 x 16? (they look smaller). How does the site work..and what is the best way to order off of it! Thanks. I am so glad I found your website!

    1. Sarah May 18, 2020

      Yes, they are 16 x 16 plates. The Brick Link site does take some getting used to, so I wrote a blog post on how to use it: https://frugalfun4boys.com/how-to-buy-individual-lego-pieces/


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