We’re back with another no-sew felt play food idea! Make an adorable breakfast set complete with pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The eggs fit inside plastic eggs so that kids can pretend to crack them open and cook them. So fun.

For this project, all you need is felt and hot glue, along with a tiny bit of fiber fill stuffing and floral wire. If you don’t have floral wire, pipe cleaners would also work, but we’ll talk about that more in a minute…

Is the bacon super adorable? Janie and I had a fun crafting night with our beloved babysitter, and she made the bacon as well as the pancake with syrup on it! SO cute!

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How to Make the Eggs

I made each egg with two layers of white felt. Simply cut out an egg shape. Make it oval, or uneven like an egg that has been cracked – it doesn’t matter! Then cut out the yolk. I forgot to show the stuffing, but I put a tiny bit of stuffing under each yolk before gluing it down.

The best way to get the stuffing under the yolk is to squirt some glue around the edge of the yolk, but only halfway around. Attach it to the egg white and let it dry. Then tuck the stuffing under the yolk and glue down the remaining edge.

The eggs fit inside white plastic Easter eggs, which you can find on Amazon here – white plastic eggs. I will warn you, though, that you’ll need to buy a bunch at one time. Maybe split them with a couple friends?

How to Make the Pancakes

The pancakes are super-duper easy to make. Just glue two felt circles together with a little stuffing between them! I like to trace a plastic bowl or cup to get a nice, even circle for projects like this.

The syrup is just a piece of darker brown felt. The butter is two layers of felt – it looked better that way.

How to Make the Bacon

Here are the pieces that our babysitter cut for the bacon. Shown are what is needed for one slice. Glue the “fat” on top of one of the brown rectangles. Then glue the brown rectangles together (glue around the edges) with the floral wire between them.

Then gently bend your bacon slices to make them look super cute and relatively realistic! (As realistic as you’re going to get with felt – ha!)

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    Thank you. I plan to give it a try!


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