Are your kids looking to avoid lots of love and hearts and mushy stuff this Valentine’s Day?  Here are some ideas for Valentines to make or print that have a very low mushy level.  🙂

14 Non-Mushy Valentines

I love these printable Lego Valentines from JDaniel4’s Mom.  So many options for how to use them!

Adorable mustache Valentines from I Can Teach My Child – love it!

Yoda Valentines – Just add a glow stick.

Light-up Circuit Valentines from Left Brain Craft Brain.  Yes, they really light up!

Tootsie Pop Superhero Valentines from One Creative Mommy.

Toad-ally Awesome Valentines – with a little toy frog/toad.

Big Hero 6 Tic Tac Valentines, also from One Creative Mommy.

“You’re Out of This World” Valentines – space theme, with a bouncy ball!

Hot Wheels printable Valentines – so cute.

Candy Airplane Valentines – also cute!

Army Guy Valentines – “I’m glad we’re in the same troop!” Print and add an army guy.

“You’re the Bomb!” Valentines – I’m sure these won’t comply with every school’s zero tolerance policy on weapons, but they sure are cute and fun!

Valentine’s Day Coupon Book – For parents to give to kids.  Love this!

And one more Lego printable Valentine.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Unicorn Jan 28, 2019

    Thank you so much that helped me with my valentine’s cards so much


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