Here’s an adorable frog craft that can be made with felt, pipe cleaners, and a couple more simple materials from your crafting stash! Kids will have a blast playing with the finished frogs. We made a simple felt pond for ours, and they’re just so cute “swimming” in it!

Frog crafts are perfect for spring while you’re doing a pond unit in science. Or just make them anytime!

Supplies Needed:

  • Green felt – we used a bright green color, but any green is great
  • Green pipe cleaners – two per frog
  • Red pipe cleaners – less than one per frog
  • Large googly eyes – 2
  • Green pom poms – 2
  • Fiber fill stuffing
  • Glue – Tacky Glue or hot glue

These frogs are made by creating a puffy felt body and then attaching the eyes and legs.

Cut out two identical body shapes from felt. We used an oval shape. If you’re going to make several frogs, it would be good to make a quick pattern out of cardboard.

Cut a small piece of red pipe cleaner, and bend the end of it to make the frog’s tongue.

Glue the tongue to the top of one of your body pieces.

Then apply glue to the edge of that same body piece and attach the second body piece on top.

Note: Leave an opening so that you can put in the stuffing.

It doesn’t take much stuffing at all – just a tiny bit! Put in the stuffing, and then close up the rest of the body.

Glue the googly eyes to the pom poms, and then glue those to the body.

Then fold the pipe cleaners into front and back legs as shown.

Glue the legs to the underside of the frog’s body. Hot glue works best for this because it will dry quickly. Hold the legs in place for a few seconds while the glue dries.

And that’s all there is to it! SOOOO cute!

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