Morning sickness has really put the brakes on our letter of the week plan for Owen’s preschool time! We’re still plugging along, but it’s more like a letter every 2 or 3 weeks…

Also, just to clarify, even though we are focusing on a letter each week (or two), we are also continuing to practice all of the letters and sounds on a regular basis. I don’t want his knowledge of the alphabet to be too fragmented, but then again, having a letter of the week inspires us to do fun things that we would not otherwise think of.

Our most recent letter of the week was M!

Owen made a “macaroni and cheese” letter M:

Preschool Activities for Learning the Letter M To make the macaroni and cheese M, I cut out an M out of cereal box cardboard. Then Owen glued on dry pasta. When the glue was dry, he painted the whole thing orange. I was mixing colors to get orange, and it came out awfully neon for macaroni and cheese! Looks even more scary than the boxed kind… Oh well, it was a fun activity!

Letter M Writing Cards:

Owen is just learning letter sounds, and is not reading words yet, but I thought he might enjoy copying some words. These word cards were easy to make, and he was happy to do them!

Preschool Activities for Learning the Letter M

Exploring with Magnets:

Preschool Activities for Learning the Letter M

We’ve been learning about the earth’s magnetic field in Exploring Creation with Astronomy (our science curriculum), so this was a great time to add in a little preschool level learning about magnets for Owen. I gave him a plastic tub and had him go around the house and choose things that he wanted to test to see if they would be attracted to his magnet wand. Always a fun activity for preschoolers!

We also inadvertently explored in the mud during our M unit. In fact, my husband and I were just discussing what to do with our backyard mud hole. I’m not opposed to dirt, but the soil where we live has so much clay in it that it sticks to the boys’ shoes in huge clods every time they go out. It’s a huge mess!

Letter M Book

Our biggest project with the letter M was a book about things that start with M.

Preschool Activities for Learning the Letter M

I searched google images for printable coloring pages with things that start with M: a mouse, a monkey, motorcycle, monster truck, etc. Owen colored the pictures, and we made them into a book.

Preschool Activities for Learning the Letter M

Duplo Lego Monsters

Our last M activity was to make monsters out of Duplo Legos. That activity was so much fun that it got its own post!

Check out our Duplo Lego monsters here.

The Letter of the Week Series:


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