Kids will love these Easter Perler bead patterns! Make adorable bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs, baskets, and more. You can print the Easter Perler bead pattern cards at the bottom of this post.

If you’re not familiar with Perler beads, they are small plastic beads that fuse together when you heat them with an iron. You may also know them by the name Hama beads or fuse beads. Perler beads have always been a very calming activity for my kids, and they are great for fine motor practice.

After I share the patterns, I’ll include some information about getting started with Perler beads if you’re just getting started with them.

The kids and I worked together to create these fun designs! My 16 year old is so artistic and has made so many things for this site over the years, like these dinosaur coloring pages. I’m sure going to miss him if he goes away for college in a couple years!

There are 8 Easter Perler bead pattern cards to print! (I didn’t get all 8 in the photo.) I would recommend printing these on card stock if you’re planning to use them with a group. They will be more durable that way!

But I’ll also share photos of the patterns below if you prefer not to print them.


This little white duck might be my favorite! Gresham designed this one.


Here’s a second duck option with a tan color and a more upright pose.


This is a fun design because kids can customize it with any colors or patterns they want.


Make a cross on a hill! The purple beads are supposed to be little flowers, but you can change this up however you want.


Make an Easter basket with some colorful eggs!


This little bunny looks cute with either spots, or as a solid tan color with a white tail.

Or, here’s another option for making a bunny face with floppy ears.

This photo shows the different bunny options:


Make a cute little chick coming out of an egg!

Ready to print your Easter Perler bead patterns? Click the link below. The file will open, and you can view or print from there.

CLICK HERE: Easter Perler Bead Patterns

New to Perler beads? Here’s what we recommend for getting started.

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First, you’ll need some pegboards. This pegboard pack is a great way to get started because it has one each of all the different shapes.

You can buy beads in bags of individual colors, but if you’re just getting started this tub of assorted beads is a more cost effective way to get a variety of colors.

And then these Perler bead tweezers are not essential, but we sure recommend them! The tweezers make it so much easier to place the beads.

Need more Perler Bead Ideas?

These Perler Bead Necklaces are so fun to make and give to friends!


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