Do you have Star Wars fans at your house? Here are some of the BEST ideas for Star Wars costumes that you can make yourself!

The BEST Star Wars Costumes to Make for Kids - Perfect for Dress-up and Pretend Play

These ideas are perfect for dress up and pretend play. I have included ideas for little kids and big kids too – my 12 year old still likes to dress up in Star Wars stuff, and his friend was just showing us a Kylo Ren mask that he had made for himself. Apparently, you never outgrow Star Wars!

The BEST Star Wars Costumes to Make for Dress Up Play

I love this adorable BB8 costume from Mom Endeavors.

Dress up like Rebel Pilots/X-Wing Pilots on the cheap with this brilliant costume from Filth Wizardry! I love how she uses a bike helmet as the base. So smart! That link is for the helmet, and here is the flight suit (with a printable – just add an orange sweatshirt!): Flight Suit

Here’s a simple no-sew Jedi tunic from our site.

If you have some sewing skills, here is a much better Jedi tunic with a hooded brown cloak also. From Delia Creates.

For kids who like to carry their lightsaber around, check out this simple lightsaber belt clip hack.

The BEST Star Wars Costumes to Make

This Yoda Costume from Pulling Curls is amazing! So adorable. It’s going to require some sewing, but the final product will be much more sturdy than anything you can buy.

Here’s another option for Yoda with a simpler hat, and the post also has Darth Vader and an adorable DIY baby R2D2 onesie shirt costume and hat! From The Nesting Spot.

Here’s a free pattern for an adult sized crocheted Yoda hat. From Stitch 11.

Make a Darth Vader shirt with duct tape. Throw in some black pants, gloves, and a black cloak. You’ll probably want to buy the mask unless you are an amazing crafting genius! From Mom Endeavors.

The Best Star Wars Costumes to Make for Kids

Use a milk jug to make a Storm Trooper helmet, also from Filth Wizardry.

Or create an entire Storm Trooper costume from Instructables. These look awesome! The author says that these costumes got pretty banged up after wearing them, so keep that in mind if you are wanting a costume for ongoing use.

Create Rey’s Speeder and the Millennium Falcon out of cardboard boxes. What a fun idea! From All for the Boys.

I discovered that there is a serious lack of R2D2 costume ideas, probably because his body shape is so hard to make! The best option for a DIY costume seems to be to use a collapsible laundry hamper as the base for the body. Here’s a good laundry hamper R2D2 costume.

The BEST Star Wars Costumes to Make for Kids - Perfect for Pretend Play


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