This toilet paper roll bird craft is perfect for spring or really anytime that you need an animal craft!

Make creative and colorful birds, or paint them to look like the color patterns of real birds as part of a nature study. Either way, this craft is simple and so much fun!

I know some of you prefer not to use toilet paper rolls, and some childcare facilities don’t allow it. Personally, I’m not concerned about potential germs on toilet paper rolls, but if that’s a problem for you just use paper towel rolls and cut them to the right length.

Most craft stores also sell cardboard tubes for crafting, but those tend to be a heavier weight of cardboard and may not work for this project.

The finished birds are so sweet and fun! It would be fun to make a paper nest for them.

Supplies Needed for Toilet Paper Roll Birds:

  • Toilet paper rolls – one per bird, plus extra cardboard for the wings and feet
  • Googly eyes
  • Paint – we used acrylic
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

Step 1: Close up one end of the toilet paper roll and staple it as shown.

Step 2: Squish the other end closed perpendicular to the first end. Don’t staple it though! Trim this end to give it a rounded shape.

Step 3: Use one of the scraps you cut to make a little beak. Glue the beak to the head. Then glue the head closed.

Step 4: Paint the bird. We used acrylic paint, but you can use tempera paint if you want a washable option.

Simplify this craft by for younger kids by making the birds ahead and providing markers or crayons for decorating them! The birds won’t look quite as good, but this would make it so easy.

Cut out cardboard wings from a cereal box or another toilet paper roll. Paint the wings.

Step 5: Glue on the wings and eyes.

Step 6: Cut out cardboard feet and glue them on! Your bird is complete.

Soooo cute!

Then make some more toilet paper roll birds! These two are a robin and a chickadee.

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