Who knew a watermelon could be so much fun? I don’t ever post activities on this blog that we did not truly enjoy, but my 4 and 6 year old’s especially loved these activities! Watermelon just feels like summer, doesn’t it? Here’s a collection of awesome hands-on watermelon activities that are fun and that will also strengthen fine motor skills.

Melon Balls and Pattern Skewers

I bought two melon ballers at the grocery store, and Jonathan and Janie had a complete blast with them! They had never seen one before, but they quickly learned how to make melon balls. The balls weren’t perfect, but I bet they’ll be even better at it next time.

Once the melon balls were complete, I gave Jonathan and Janie some skewers and grapes and told them they could make patterns.

Every part of this was so much fun… loading up the skewers, deciding which patterns to make, and then serving the completed fruit skewers for dinner! It made me realize that I should mix things up a little more at dinner time. They love to help, and even something simple like eating fruit off skewers is a fun treat.

Watermelon Hammering

This is so super fun! Grab some golf tees and let kids hammer them into the watermelon that you scooped all of the melon balls out of.

Side note – I froze the extra watermelon scraps to use in smoothies. Now we just need a good recipe for watermelon smoothies!

A watermelon is just the right surface for little hands to hammer on. It provides enough resistance to be satisfying, but once you get past the outer skin it’s very easy to hammer the tees right in. Not dangerous at all. The little wooden mallet we have was purchased at a cooking store.

Watermelon Play Dough

We made some YUMMY smelling watermelon play dough! Print the number cards and kids can count out the right number of watermelon seeds. We used black beans for the seeds since we buy seedless watermelons.

See the play dough recipe and print the number cards here: Watermelon Math Activities

Have fun with watermelon!

Looking for more summer ideas? Check out our lemonade slime recipe and our summer LEGO projects to build.


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  2. Aline May 28, 2019

    Just "pulse" the frozen watermelon in the machine a few times and have watermelon ice! Mmmmm! Merry Monday!


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