Magic Number Machine: A Math Game for Addition and Subtraction Practice

It’s almost August, and time to start our homeschool year!  We usually start the last week of July, but with our vacation last week and then needing this week to recover from vacation, we’re kind of easing into things.  My plan is to start new math and language books this week.  Next week we’ll begin doing all of our subjects except history, which we don’t have yet (Sonlight Cores B and F).  I’m planning to put a post together with our curriculum choices for the year – once I make one more trip to the store for handwriting and vocab. books.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute… I’m usually more ahead of the game than this!  I really like starting the school year early.  It’s a rare week that we manage to complete five days of school, so by starting a month ahead of the public schools, I never really feel the pressure of being “behind.”

Anyway, here is a fun math game for 5-7 year old’s that will help kids review their math facts, or get a head start on the new school year!

The Magic Number Machine:  A game for practicing addition and subtraction

 The gameboard is simple.  I drew a math machine with an entrance and an exit and a box in the middle.  For the mathematical operation part, I made two cards with “+” and “-” and then cards with the numbers 1 through 6 on them.  Then I drew a circle to be the “number bin.”  For this circle, I made number cards with the numbers 1 through 20 on them.

The Magic Number Machine: A game for practicing addition and subtraction

To play, I had Gresham choose an operation – either addition or subtraction.  Then, he rolled one die to determine how many the machine would add or subtract.  Then, he rolled both dice to see what number to put into the machine.

I had him record his math sentences on a separate piece of paper.  We did 3-4 rounds of each operation, and then changed operations.

The Magic Number Machine: A game for practicing addition and subtraction

I plan to do this game another day to work specifically on patterns.  I can have him number his page from 12 to 1, and then do the same operation for each number so that he gets a pattern like this:

12 – 2 = 10

11 – 2 = 9

10 – 2 = 8

9 – 2 = 7

And so on.

Our homeschooling has been sort of history and science heavy, so at the moment I am working on adding in new math activities.  We have always stayed up to date in our math books, but I want to add more hands-on number sense types of things.  So stay tuned for more math posts!

Here are a few more math ideas that we have done in the past:

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