Here’s an Easter egg decorating idea that is so simple and sweet! We usually dye white eggs, but I felt like trying something different this year. I am loving how these brown eggs came together with a little white paint!

We used real brown eggs for this project, and painted them with white acrylic paint and a white paint pen. It’s not recommended to eat eggs that have been painted with acrylics. You will want to use food dye or food markers if you plan to eat your Easter eggs.

Another option is to blow out your eggs before painting them.

Keep in mind that Easter eggs also shouldn’t be eaten if they’ve been left at room temperature for more than 2 hours, so if you’re wanting to use these eggs for decorating, you’ll want to either blow them out or plan to toss them when you’re finished.

You’ll want to use a tiny detail brush for this type of painting.

We found plenty of doodle ideas via Google and Pinterest. Try searching “doodle Easter eggs” or “spring doodles.” Simple shapes, dots, and chevron lines work well. I also made some eggs with crosses and one with a sheep.

Once you have your inspiration, it’s time to get started!

When I was getting out the Easter grass to display our eggs, I found this aqua colored paper grass that I purchased a few years ago. The colors are perfect! Green grass works well too, but there’s something great about this aqua color.

The simple cross eggs are my favorite. But I love them all!

I apparently need to have more baskets around because I couldn’t find one for our eggs, but we’re displaying them in this wood tray.

Need more Easter Egg Decorating Ideas?

These Wooden Resurrection Eggs are one of my favorite projects.

Kids will enjoy making these Doodle Egg People! So fun.

Another non-traditional idea… Make some Star Wars Painted Eggs! We have tons of different characters to make.


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