It’s time for fall STEM activities! Let’s do some fall science experiments and engineering challenges! Fall is such a great time of the year with the leaves changing colors, the cooler weather, and pumpkins everywhere. It’s always fun to do learning activities that are special for the current season.

(Here in Texas, we are still waiting for fall to arrive… but that’s another story. It was in the upper 90’s today and it’s the end of September! This is unacceptable!)

Fun Fall STEM Activities and Challenges

Here’s a fun collection of fall STEM activities including candy corn catapults, leaf chromatography, tessellations, and more.

Fall Leaf Tessellation – this is a fun collaborative math and art project. Print the template from the post. Kids will have fun coloring the leaves and cutting them out, and then assembling the tessellation pattern.

Do some Leaf Chromatography to find out where the beautiful colors come from when leaves change color in the fall. From Share it! Science.

Build some Candy Corn Catapults – use craft sticks, pencils, and other simple materials to construct catapults that will launch a piece of candy corn. (Hey, it’s better than actually eating the candy corn! I think candy corn is gross!)

We’ve also got instructions for a LEGO Catapult that can be used to launch candy pumpkins.

Fall STEM activities - build a candy pumpkin catapult, leaf tessellations, leaf science.

I love this idea for a Pumpkin Rotting Science Experiment! Test which conditions lead to the fastest pumpkin decomposition.

Study the vein patterns on leaves with this fun Black Crayon and Watercolor Leaf Art Project. Pair this activity with a book about leaves for a great science and art lesson.

If you want a project with some WOW factor, try this Pumpkin Elephant Toothpaste science experiment from hello, Wonderful!

I really like this Pumpkin Investigation math activity from The STEM Laboratory. Perfect for early elementary school.

Mix up some Magnetic Slime! This is one of our favorite projects. This slime oozes under the power of a strong magnet.

Test which liquids will dissolve candy pumpkins the fastest with this fun Dissolving Candy Science Experiment.

Put on a CARDBOARD CARNIVAL! Challenge kids to design and build working carnival games out of cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls, and basic supplies like craft sticks, glue, and tape. This is so much fun!

Another one of our favorite fall activities it to make Fall Leaf Borax Crystals. These are very easy to make, and the results are beautiful! Kids will be really impressed.

Looking for more STEM activities?

I have put all of our physics experiments in one place here: Physics Science Experiments. You’ll find projects with force and motion, machines, magnetism, and electricity.

Here’s a collection of Engineering Challenges with Simple Materials – think recycled materials and budget friendly!


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