Need physics science experiments? These hands-on science projects have been tested and approved! Whether you’re a science teacher or a parent who loves to do science with your kids at home, I think you’ll find these experiments to be FUN and successful. (Because no one likes a science fail, am I right?)

Science is pretty awesome, and in my opinion, physics just might be the most interesting branch of science. Unfortunately, physics has a bad reputation for being boring, difficult, and hard to understand. This is very unfortunate because that is simply not true! Here’s a collection of science experiments that will inspire a love for physics. These projects allow kids to explore force and motion, magnetism, and more in a fun and hands-on way.

These science experiments are suitable for elementary students (ages 7-11) and many of them would be appropriate for middle school as well.

What is physics?

Physics is the branch of science concerned with the properties of matter and energy. Included in this is the study of force and motion (mechanics), heat, sound, light, electricity, and magnetism.

Studying physics helps kids understand and explain the world around them. Why do our bodies lurch forward when we’re riding in the car and someone slams on the brakes? It’s all about physics!

Force and Motion

Explore Newton’s First Law of Motion with these Easy Inertia Science Demonstrations using Pennies. You can do these projects with materials from around the house.

Demonstrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion by making a Balloon Pinwheel. Also uses household supplies, and it’s so fun to make!

Transfer of Energy Science Experiment – Use marbles and a ruler to discover how energy is transferred from one object to another. This experiment is fun because it has a surprising result!

Physics Experiments with Hot Wheels Cars – Kids will explore the concepts of velocity, mass, air resistance, and momentum. Print recording sheets from the post. They will walk kids through the full scientific method!

Build Working Gears – out of plastic lids and popsicle sticks! And a cardboard box!

Use LEGO Bricks to Build Working Pulleys. Kids will be able to feel the mechanical advantage when you add two pulleys (or more)!

Bouncy Ball Science Experiment – Does the temperature of the ball affect how high it bounces? Very fun experiment with a satisfying result!

Lift Water with Archimedes’ Screw – Use some plastic tubing to build a screw that lifts water. It’s really cool to watch it work!

Learn about potential energy and kinetic energy by building a Paper Airplane Launcher. When kids pull back on the rubber band, the are

Electricity and Magnetism

Use a CD case to make a Mess-Free Viewer for Iron Filings. This allows kids to see how magnetic fields work.

Make some Magnetic Slime – this is a great combination of chemistry and physics!

Magic Spinning Pen – Use magnets and some other simple supplies to create a pen that stands up on its own (through the power of magnetism) and spins.

I have all our electricity projects (plus a few from other bloggers) in this post: Electricity Projects for Kids.

Have fun with physics!


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