Here are some Halloween jokes for kids that are sure to tickle their funny bones! These jokes are family friendly, and not particularly scary or gory. But they are definitely hilarious!

Use these for a joke of the day during the month of October, or keep kids busy while you wait for it to get dark enough to go trick-or-treating.

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Halloween Jokes that will tickle your funny bone!

Q: What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit?

A: Straw-berries!

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton dance at the party?

A: He had no body to dance with!

Q: What do you call a skeleton that never does its chores?

A: Lazy bones!

Q: Where do fashionable ghosts shop?

A: At the boo-tique!!

Q: How did the skeleton know it was going to rain?

A: He could feel it in his bones!

Q: Why was the Jack O’Lantern afraid to cross the road?

A: He had no guts!

Q: Why do pumpkins sit outside on the porch?

A: Because they don’t have hands to knock! 

Q: How do you fix a Jack O’Lantern?

A: With a pumpkin patch!

Q: Why did the scarecrow get a prize?

A: He was outstanding in his field!

Q: What’s a ghost’s favorite snack?

A: Boo-berries! 

Q: What’s a mummy’s favorite kind of music? 

A: Wrap music! 

Q: What animal is the best baseball player?

A: A bat!

Q: Why do spiders make good baseball players?

A: Because they are good at catching flies!

Halloween jokes - a child holding a carved pumpkin

Q: What do ghosts wear so they can see better?

A: Spook-tacles! 

Q: Do you know any skeleton jokes?

A: Yes, but you wouldn’t find them very humerus.

Q: Why are ghosts bad liars?

A: Because you can see right through them!

Q: What has tons of ears, but can’t hear anything?

A: A cornfield!

Q: What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument?
A: The trom-bone!

Q: Why did the kids put their Halloween candy under their pillows?
A: They wanted to have sweet dreams!

Q: Why didn’t the scarecrow eat any candy?
A: He was already stuffed!

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