Boy, oh boy, what a week we have had…

If you aren’t interested in a reflux update, scroll down to the bonus story at the bottom!  You won’t want to miss this one!

Owen is now 19 months old, and eating food sporadically.  (If you missed the beginning of our reflux saga and feel like getting caught up, you can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.)

Lately, we have been seeing some troubling reflux symptoms – especially waking up at night screaming (for 5 nights in a row!).  Every time something like this happens, it’s so hard to tell what is going on.  Did he eat some new food that bothered him?  He ate a chocolate chip cookie at Target and I was thrilled!  Then, he woke up screaming that night.  I blamed it on the cookie.  Then, he had another cookie a few days later, and seemed to have no negative reactions to that one.  So basically, it is very difficult at best to figure out what is going on with him!

I have been thinking about getting allergy testing done on all three boys.  Aidan has seasonal allergies and dark circles under his eyes, Gresham has persistent eczema, and Owen has his reflux issues.  However, Owen has had a blood test done for allergies, and he tested negative on everything.  So, the other day, I went over to ask my next-door neighbor about allergy testing.  He is a chiropractor, and I thought he might know about conventional testing vs. more holistic approaches.  He did, and he also said that chiropractic treatment might really help Owen.  If Owen has any vertebrae that are out of alignment, they could be putting pressure on the nerves to his digestive tract, which could cause digestive problems.  His saying this reminded me that a friend of ours had gone to a chiropractor who has had good success treating reflux, so we decided to give it a try!

I called the chiropractor on Monday morning, and they were able to get us in for that afternoon!  The only open time was 2:45 (nap time), but I figured that with a little luck, we could move naptime up earlier and be all set for the appointment!

We needed to leave at 2:10 to get there on time to fill out the new patient paperwork.

At 2:15, we were still putting on our shoes.

At 2:20, I realized that I had turned the computer off without looking up directions to the chiropractic office.  No problem, I called my friend who had recommended this office.  While on the phone, Gresham had a coughing attack (he has a bad cold right now) and proceeded to throw up all over the kitchen in several spots.  I cleaned it all up (while finishing my phone conversation – multitasking!!) and quickly changed Gresham’s clothes, grabbed Owen out of bed, and rushed everyone to the van.  There was a smidge of throw up on the carpet, but I only had time to wipe it real quick before we left.  But we made it to the chiropractor only a few minutes late!

The chiropractor’s office had a great waiting room with a toy basket, and I figured that since kids don’t come to this office with strep and the flu and who knows what else, I’d let the kids actually play with the toys.

We started Owen’s evaluation, and he was still in my lap for 3.2 seconds.  Every time I put him down to try to hear the nice chiropractor talk, he went straight for some piece of medical equipment to play with.  Finally, I sent the big boys out to the waiting room to grab a couple of toys, like maybe some books.

They came back with a ball and a frisbee.

They were foam, but were a ball and a frisbee nonetheless.  Gresham threw the frisbee across the room.  I gave him “the look.”

He looked back at me with a face that said, “I see your look and raise you an act of blatant defiance” as he threw the frisbee across the room again.

The chiropractor assured us that they have kids come in all the time, and that they are very kid friendly, but it was not hard to imagine what she was probably really thinking… Fortunately, the exam did not take long, and we were soon on our way home (by way of the grocery store).

At the grocery store, Gresham figured that since he was already in trouble, he might as well get as much as he could out of it.  The checker actually asked me, “Did you know he’s kicking your other son – really hard!

Yes, I know.  We are just trying to pay and get out of here!

Today, we went back to the chiropractor to start treatment on Owen.  And we brought Daddy along this time!  The chiropractor said that Owen has a couple of subluxations (vertebrae out of place) that if fixed, will hopefully help clear up his digestive issues.  Unfortunately, our insurance is not going to pay, so we are looking at a hefty price for this treatment.  We are still praying about what to do, but we do feel like it is worth a try if God provides the money.  Jordan has a part-commission type of job, so it’s very possible for God to provide a large sale that would give us the money for the visits.

One option to free up some cash would be to get off the expensive ($300 per month) formula he is on now.  We are going to try goat’s milk this weekend and see if he is able to tolerate that.  It’s expensive, but not nearly as bad as Alimentum!

And now, a Bonus Story for those of you who have made it this far!!!

Owen is into everything.  EVERYTHING.  We have to keep the bathroom doors shut at all times because he likes to get into soap and toothpaste. He also likes to put his hands in the toilet.   On Tuesday afternoon, I sent Aidan to wash his hands, and then called him back to tell him something.  When Aidan returned to the bathroom, Owen was in there scooping up water out of the toilet with the tooth brushing cup and DRINKING IT.  And furthermore, Gresham had forgotten to flush (just pee)! (again!)  The bathroom floor was soaked and Owen’s clothes were soaked. This may have set a record for grossest parenting moment!

One day this story will be funny… One day this story will be funny…


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  1. Felice Dec 16, 2010

    first LOVE the bonus story!! got to love those boys!

    Second, I have been wanting to write and share my story about my little dude and his reflux. He is now 2 1/2 and eats everything, but at 4 weeks he began horrible projectile vomitin and wouldn't keep anything down, we had to have all kinds of tests, change my diet, consider formula, and on and on because they decided it was reflux (GERD) and dr wanted us to put him on medicine. It was so hard because he couldn't keep anything down but medicine seemed so strong for such a tiny human. At 6 week, I went to my chiropractor (whom I had been seeing for years and loved and trusted) for a treatment on my back. I had the Dude with me, and he was fussing. The chiropractor asked how he was doing and I shared his relux stories. The dr looked me in the eyes and said "I can help that, give me 3-5 visits, and it will be better." Well I must have had this yeah right look on my face because he said, "trust me, it will be better" and so i did, that was on a thursday, the dude had his first appointment that day, had another on friday. That Saturday night was his baptism, and the first time in weeks that he did not thrown up all his food and didn't scream endlessly for hours after he ate. We went 3 more times and by the end he was not throwing up at all. We took him off the medication that weekend. We have taken him back for several other just routine treatments and still take him when his allergies are bad or tummy hurts. But I swear by it that it worked for my kid. I know there are lots of people that don't believe in chiropractors but i have used one for myself and now my kid and saw a change. I can't be for sure that it is your answer, but seeing what I saw with my kid, I would recommend it!! I hope it helps hearing that someone else has tried it since you are considering it. Good Luck with all your decisions and hope you all have a blessed holiday.

    1. Sarah Dec 16, 2010

      Thanks so much for letting me know about your chiropractor and reflux experience! I think that we are definitely going to give it a try. We have an appointment for Monday, but between now and then I am hoping to find an office that doesn't cost as much. I was able to talk to our feeding specialist, and she has seen chiropractic do wonders for some kids, help others a little, and help some very little. So I figure, even if it doesn't work for Owen, it won't hurt him any! Worth a try!

  2. Kristalyn Dec 16, 2010

    i hear ya on all that juggling 3 boys at the dr's office and at moments trying to listen, too.
    and that bonus story, EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk! my little guy who is 14 mo is like that with the toilet too. he takes a bucket and puts it into the toilet and scoops out water till their is a small lake and he's covered in water and wading in it. EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk! my other two did NOT do this. i, too, HAVE TO MAKE SURE THE BATHROOM DOOR IS CLOSED!

    1. Sarah Dec 16, 2010

      ...And those little ones can work FAST! My first two were not like this either. I don't know what it is... maybe some kids just love the sensation of playing in water? This stage will pass some day, but then they won't be toddlers anymore, so it will definitely be a mixed blessing!

  3. amy Jan 21, 2011

    My son has the same issues it sounds like and we used neocate for his formula. It is more expensive than alimentum, but some insurance companies will cover it. Hope yours will.

    1. Sarah Jan 22, 2011

      That's a good point, Amy! Our insurance company will cover neocate. Unfortunately, Owen hates the taste and gagged so much that he threw up the last time we tried it! But I would definitely recommend neocate as an option for those who need a hypoallergenic formula!

  4. michelle Feb 2, 2011

    I just found your site and im loving it. My son had reflux and we could not figure out why! We tried different formulas, but nothing worked. Breastmilk even hurt him and made him cry. When he was one we tried to give him cow milk and he vomited it all up. My mom suggested trying soy or rice milk. We tried soy and that changed everything, no more upset tummy, no more vomiting. It was wonderful he was somuch happier. Now he loves Almond milk and if someone tries to give him cow milk he tells them no way my tummy will hurt bad."


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