Here’s a Christmas activity that your LEGO® fans will love! Challenge kids to build Christmas mosaics with LEGO® bricks. There are 8 different designs to build: a Santa, a Christmas tree, a gingerbread house, a snowman, an elf, a reindeer, a snowflake, and a stocking.

We have been having so much fun creating LEGO® mosaics. It’s a cool way to build! Earlier this fall, I posted LEGO® Animal Building Cards and Superhero Building Cards.

There are two ways to build these LEGO® mosaics. Kids can either follow the pictures in this post, or you can print the building cards at the bottom of this page.

Supplies Needed:

Like our other LEGO® building cards, I build these mosaic designs on 16 x 16 plates. You can also use a larger 32 x 32 baseplate.

To build the 8 designs, you’ll need a collection of basic bricks. Encourage kids to modify the designs if they don’t have the exact bricks shown! For example, the stocking can be built in any color, and it doesn’t have to be a solid color. Kids can change the background color for any of the designs, and the elf can have any color of hat and shirt. The point is to be creative!

LEGO Christmas Building Cards

If you’re wanting to add more basic bricks to your collection, I recommend checking the brick wall at your local LEGO store, or ordering from Brick Link. Brick Link is a little confusing at first, so I have a whole post on how to order from Brick Link. It’s my favorite way to buy individual pieces!

Also, check thrift stores and local Facebook buy/sell/trade groups for used LEGO sets and bricks. I sometimes see people selling gallon ziplock bags full of random pieces. It’s a great way to expand your collection!

Ready to build your own LEGO® Christmas mosaics? Use the photos below, or print the building cards at the bottom of the post.

Christmas Tree

Build the Christmas tree shape, and then add round plates for ornaments. Make bows on the gifts with 1 x 2 and 1 x 3 plates.


North Pole Elf

I adapted this design from a Perler bead Buddy the Elf design. And really, any of these LEGO designs would work for Perler beads too!

Gingerbread House

Decorate the house with colorful bricks! The candy canes are built right into the design.


This one might be my favorite! Use a 1 x 1 orange cone for the nose, or substitute that for a 1 x 1 orange round plate.


Switch out the black nose for red if you want it to be Rudolph!


Change up the stocking by building it a different color. Or try giving it stripes!


This design does not have to be exactly like the picture! Kids can design their own snowflake if they want.

Ready to print your set of Christmas LEGO® Building Cards?

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Need more LEGO® Building Ideas?

Older kids will enjoy these LEGO Christmas Projects – build a reindeer whose legs really move, a puppy that comes out of a present (machine with moving parts) and more.

You can also find tons of LEGO Christmas Ideas here, including ornaments. There are also printable instructions!

Build your own LEGO Advent Calendar – this is an AWESOME project for families!


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