Make your own LEGO travel case that actually LOOKS like a LEGO® brick! This LEGO® craft is SO much fun!

Kids can definitely handle this project on their own, but it would also be fun to make this as a gift for a child. Fill it with bricks and maybe a few minifigures for a really special present!

You can fit a 16 x 16 plate inside the travel case, along with plenty of bricks.

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This LEGO® travel case is the perfect size for little hands to carry. I’m excited about it because the kids like to take a collection of LEGO people and accessories to play with while waiting at music lessons, etc. They usually use a cardboard box, and the box usually tips over and dumps everything out in the car. I love how this box latches closed!

This LEGO® craft is SO EASY because you can start with a wood suitcase from Hobby Lobby. They had three different sizes, and I’m about 90% sure that the one I got was the middle size. It was the one that costs $5.99. The wood craft items are often on sale – I got my box for 40% off.

Supplies Needed:

  • Wood box or suitcase
  • Wood circles – 2 inch diameter. They come in packages of 4 at Hobby Lobby, so grab two packages.
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue

Step 1: Lightly sand your box to get rid of any rough spots.

Jonathan enjoyed doing the sanding at his child-size work bench.

Step 2: Glue on the wood circles to make the LEGO studs. We used wood glue. I didn’t measure – just lined them all up before gluing them. Wood glue is very forgiving. You can slide the circles around if you don’t get them in the exact right spot the first time. Just be sure to make all your adjustments right away – the glue does set up quickly!

Step 3: Paint your LEGO travel case with acrylic paint. It will probably look best with two coats.

I would recommend NOT painting the edges where the sides of the box touch when it’s closed. Acrylic paint can stick if you have two painted surfaces up against each other.

Let it all dry, and you’re ready to play!

If you’re giving this as a gift, I would recommend filling the LEGO travel case with one of the smaller LEGO® Classic sets. The Bricks & Gears set would be perfect. The Classic Basic Brick set is another great option.

LEGO® fans will also enjoy these LEGO® craft ideas!

  • Make some LEGO® painted rocks! Turn rocks into your favorite minifigure faces.
  • Create a LEGO® Photo Frame – use bricks to spell words on your frame! You can change the message whenever you want.
  • Do some LEGO® Stamping! Create pictures and patterns with bricks. Highly recommend – this is so much fun.


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  1. Julie Jul 24, 2022

    Thank you so much! What a cute idea. Can't wait to do that with my grandsons! I love this many good ideas!


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