Printable Lunchbox Jokes! Here’s an easy way to make your child’s day at school a little brighter! Tuck one of these lunchbox jokes into his or her lunchbox for a laugh at lunchtime. There are 40 joke cards to print, so that will last you 8 weeks of packed lunches!

Some of the jokes for the cards came from our post on hilarious jokes for kids, and some are new ones I’ve been collecting. I am fairly selective with jokes for our collections – I think they need to be actually funny! Or at least funny to kids, LOL.

I recommend printing the jokes on card stock because it makes them a little more sturdy for riding along in a lunchbox. Plus, your child will want to read it to all his or her friends! But regular paper works just fine too. The jokes will print 8 to a page, and then you can cut them apart.

Ready to print your lunchbox jokes?

CLICK HERE: Printable Lunchbox Jokes

Want more jokes?

These posts are not printable jokes, but you can find lots more jokes for kids.


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  1. Carmel Mobilio Mar 13, 2019

    great post!

  2. chocolat May 12, 2020

    It's really funny jokes and I love the idea lunchbox with jokes! Thank you from France;)

  3. James Sep 26, 2020

    Love it


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