These LEGO display shelf ideas are perfect for serious fans!

Got a big LEGO collection? Do you have sets and minifigures to display? Here’s a collection of amazing ideas for creating awesome LEGO display shelves at home.

This post is all about super cool display ideas. We have a separate article on LEGO Storage and Organization if you are wanting to see how to sort and store bricks for efficient building.

Cleaning Tip!

Before we talk about displaying LEGO sets and minifigures, let’s talk about how to keep them clean. LEGO sets collect a LOT of dust, and a simple feather duster might not do the trick because of all the cracks and crannies.

For cleaning LEGO sets and minifigures, we love to use two things. First, we dust them with soft paintbrushes, like the ones that come with watercolor sets. Second, we use canned air. Because of the price, you won’t want to use canned air exclusively, although it’s very fast and effective! Between canned air and some paintbrush dusting, you can keep your sets looking great.

How to Display LEGO Minifigures

We use plastic storage boxes with compartments for organizing minifigures and minifigure parts. Ours are the IKEA Glis boxes, but the ones with compartments seem to have been discontinued! Sad!

The boxes are great for minifigures that get played with and changed around all the time, but we really like to display collectible minifigures such as the Marvel, Disney, and Muppets series figures, as well as Star Wars figures.

If you want to display minifigures, you can either create a display that hangs on the wall or a display that sits on top of a dresser. See below for both types of ideas!

We recently added these IKEA shelves to our LEGO area! You can see how to make the minifigure shelf here: Easy LEGO Display Shelves.

It also works well to convert an IKEA frame into a minifigure display. We LOVE ours. IKEA has discontinued this shadow-box style frame, but a regular frame would work just as well. The minifigures will just stick out past the frame.

See instructions for this project here: LEGO Minifigure Display Frame

Here’s a cool and cost-effective LEGO display shelf that is easy to build with wood! I love this project because it would be easy to customize to the size you need for your collection. The post has all the instructions you need.

See it here: DIY LEGO Display Shelves from Lovely Indeed

If you prefer not to hang something on the wall, here’s a cool minifigure display that can sit on top of a desk, dresser, or table. This is made out of wood and painted. It’s easy to make with mostly pre-cut boards from the hardware store.

You can make a three-step version for smaller collections that is VERY easy to build. Details in the post!

See instructions here: DIY Wood LEGO Minifigure Display Stand

I invited my readers to share some of their LEGO display ideas. More than one mentioned watching thrift stores for shelves that can be repurposed for LEGO minifigure displays.

Reader Christine sent the photo below. She found this shelf at a thrift store and painted it white. So cute!

Another reader, Debbie, sent this photo of the beautiful shelf her daughter-in-law made for her.

You can also use a magnetic board to display minifigures! These figures are standing on bricks that have magnets glued to them. Thank you to Gabor for sending in this photo. He says to make sure the magnets are strong enough to handle the weight of the minifigures without sliding down the board, especially if they are holding tools or accessories.

How to Display LEGO Sets

Just as with LEGO minifigures, you’ll need to decide first whether you want shelves to hang on the wall, or something that stands on the floor like a bookcase. We’ll show you great ideas with both types of storage!

I am loving this awesome pegboard display for LEGO sets! Thank you to Alli for sending in this photo.

With a pegboard like this, you can easily adjust the size and height of the shelves to accommodate the sets you want to display. Plus, you are not locked in to a permanent layout. So smart and it looks so cool.

Reader Andrea sent in this amazing LEGO collage shelf. Her husband TJ ran across this at a garage sale and repurposed it for LEGO sets! I love how perfect this is for displaying vehicles. You never know what you might find at a garage sale or thrift store. So worth the look!

Andrea also sent photos of their minifigure display, which is made out of LEGO baseplates hung with command strips. Love this creative idea!

I am loving this amazing IKEA shelving unit for LEGO set display from Clean and Scentsible. You can fit so much into a small space, and I love how these shelves are at a great height for younger kids. She has a whole LEGO fan bedroom tour that you won’t want to miss.

We display our LEGO sets on IKEA bookcases in both our game room (where we have our LEGO space) and in the kids’ bedrooms.

For serious collectors, this LEGO Wall from DIY for Homeowners is a DREAM! So amazing! You’ll want to see all the organization tips too.

I love this idea for using IKEA Lack shelves to display LEGO sets! This would work really well to provide maximum storage in a small room.

This website is no longer available, but you should be able to figure this out from the picture.

Here’s a link to the Lack Bookcases at IKEA.

Lego display shelf ideas

For a larger amount of display space, I really like these DIY Open Shelves from Haute House. She has full instructions on how to build them and how to hang them.

Have fun displaying your LEGO sets!

Need more LEGO ideas?

Here’s a collection of LEGO Crafts that are perfect for LEGO room decor. Lots of fun ideas!

LEGO Display Shelf Ideas


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  1. Jan Dec 31, 2022

    I bought a minifigs display unit that is covered with plexiglass. That gave me the idea to check out the Dollar Tree and other stores for clear bins and large bowls to put over my sets to keep off dust. I even found a clear large storage bin that fits over my Sesame Street build!


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