Here’s a collection of LEGO® crafts that look awesome as home decor! Whether you’re decorating a play room, a child’s bedroom, or a classroom LEGO® building space, there are so many ideas here that your LEGO® fans will LOVE.

If you’re new to this blog, you’ll also want to check out our original LEGO® building ideas – like these building projects for beginners or these LEGO® pets.

LEGO Decor

Use actual LEGO® bricks to create adorable home decor items, or create objects that LOOK like LEGO® bricks. So many cute ideas!

Make a LEGO® Photo Frame – you can choose the words you build onto it! Spell family, friends, camp, etc. So fun.

Build your own LEGO® Coat Rack – this would be adorable for hanging up baseball caps in a bedroom or backpacks in a classroom entryway!

I love this LEGO® lamp from Family Days Tried and Tested! Anyone can build this using basic bricks and windows. So fun.

LEGO® fans of any age will enjoy designing (and displaying!) their own LEGO® Mosaic Letter.

Here’s another way to make a LEGO® letter – by building it, without a wooden letter underneath.

This one is not exactly a decor item, but it looks super cute on a shelf. Make your own Wood LEGO® Travel Case – it looks like a giant LEGO® brick!

LEGO Bedroom

Turn your own LEGO® guys into wall art! Or create shelves that turn a LEGO® mess into a display area that looks really sharp. So many fun ideas!

You may want to turn an ordinary dresser into a LEGO® dresser! There are so many awesome LEGO® dressers on Pinterest. However, most of the photos do not lead to useful instructions. Here’s a tutorial for turning an IKEA dresser into an adorable LEGO® dresser.

If you crochet (or know someone who does!) you’ll definitely want to make this beautiful LEGO® Blanket! It looks just like rows of bricks!

Would your kids enjoy a LEGO® bathroom? Maybe the fun decor will motivate them to keep it a little cleaner! (I doubt it, but one can always hope!)

Use photos of minifigures to make your own LEGO® Wall Art. There’s also an option to download photos from this post.

I really like these DIY LEGO Display Shelves. They are the perfect size for displaying vehicles and small sets.

LEGO Play Spaces

This DIY LEGO® Building Zone sign is so easy to make, and it’s looks awesome in a play room.

Create your own LEGO® Wall or Playboard. This simple board can be use for a vertical building surface, or lay it on the floor for creating awesome scenes.

Turn an IKEA frame into an awesome LEGO® Minifigure Display. Each frame holds 56 minifigures (we built two), and I love the fact that we can switch out which guys are on display whenever we want to.

LEGO® storage and organization is always a struggle! You can see how we built our LEGO® table and storage bins here.

Here’s another way to display your minifigures – create a LEGO® Minifigure Shelf.

This LEGO® + Melted Crayon Art would look awesome in any play room!


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  1. Elena Jul 9, 2019

    Such great ideas-- I love the Lego picture frames!


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