Build a working LEGO windmill with an adorable cottage to go with it! This clever windmill uses gears to make it turn, but you can also create a no-gear version.

It would be fun to make a farm to go with your windmill! Or build a whole village.

This LEGO project was built by some good friends of ours. Thank you, Scott and Addie, for letting us use your idea!

Here’s a view of the inside of the windmill. I love the adorable kitchen!

Key Bricks for Building this LEGO Windmill:

Keep in mind that these parts are suggestions! There is definitely more than one way to build a turning windmill.

Here’s a photo of the windmill part.

This windmill uses two gears, which is kind of fun. It’s cool to watch the gears turn!

If you use Technic bricks (bricks with holes) in your windmill, you can run an axle through the bricks to hold the gears.

Expand your windmill scene! It might be fun to add a river, a garden, or a farming field. Or maybe some trees or another cottage.

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