Handmade Gift Ideas for Boys

Whether you simply enjoy crafting or need to save some cash, it’s fun to give something that has a handmade touch rather than buying yet another toy in plastic packaging. Here are 24 ideas for homemade gifts that boys will go for. Of course girls will enjoy these ideas too! This is not meant to be exclusive but rather a resource for parents and grandparents who are looking for boy gift ideas.

24 Gifts to Make for Boys

Dress Up

1. If you enjoy sewing, this fleece knight hat is adorable! My boys would love the fact that it’s soft and comfortable and won’t fall off. There’s a free pattern in the post.

Gifts to Make for Boys

2. How sweet is this dino hoodie? Head over to See Vanessa Craft for the instructions.

3. Young superheroes will enjoy these no-sew superhero costumes! This post from Twin Dragonfly Designs has free patterns for Ironman, Batman, Spiderman, and more.

4. Here is a tutorial for a superhero cape. I like the fact that this cape has satin or cotton fabric on one side instead of all knit. If you use all knit for a cape, the neck will stretch and stretch and stretch. I don’t recommend it!

5. And one more non-knit fabric superhero cape.

Pretend Play

6. I ADORE this dinosaur world in a suitcase from The Imagination Tree.

Gifts to Make for Boys

7. Or make a dinosaur world play mat out of felt – love this idea from Fun at Home with Kids.

Gifts to Make for Boys

8. Felt is such a frugal crafting material. Make some felt play food – these designs from And Next Comes L are amazing!

9. Make a PVC pipe play tent. Sew your own cover, or just use a sheet.

10. This life-size play dashboard from And Next Comes L is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! So fun.

Handmade Gifts for Kids

11. Preschoolers and older kids alike will enjoy these wooden peg ninjas! Perfect stocking filler.

12. These mason jar superhero banks from Fireflies and Mudpies are really awesome looking, and not expensive to make.

Gifts to Make for Boys

13. If you have a daughter you must check out this doll in a box gift from Red Ted Art! My mom has already purchased the book to make one for Janie when she’s older. For a boy, a little dog in a box would be fun – with a bowl, leash, and toy? Or maybe a pet stuffed snake in a box?

For Builders and Tinkerers

14. Put together a kit of craft sticks, rubber bands, and plastic cups or small wooden blocks. Then show your child how to make these awesome chain reactions!

Gifts to Make for Boys

15. If you’ve seen the beautiful rainbow colored building blocks available from high-end toy retailers, check out these rainbow blocks from Fun at Home with Kids! You can make them yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Gifts to Make for Kids

16. Put together a marble run set for your little builder. These parts will be used again and again to build different configurations!

Gifts to Make for Kids

17. Do your kids’ Legos need some organization? Upcycle IKEA storage into this awesome Lego table!

18. These nature blocks are perfect for play with toy animals.

Gifts to Make for Boys

19. There are lots of ideas out there for Legos-on-the-go, but I really like this Portable Lego Kit from Mama. Papa. Bubba.

DIY Toys

20. These patterns are not free, but this crocheted dog is adorable!

Gifts to Make for Boys

21. Make a PVC pipe marshmallow blow gun. Add a bag of mini marshmallows, and it’s a great gift!

22. This Hot Wheels Car Jar would look great in a bedroom, and could be given with or without cars inside. Find the tutorial here at Simplicity in the South. (The post is about a bedroom re-do – keep scrolling, the jars are in there!)

Gifts to Make for Boys

23. Construct a sensory play wall with funnels and tubes. (Our boys love this – it has seen a LOT of use!)

Gifts to Make for Boys

24. The Frugal Granny has a post about turning a thrift store nightstand into a workbench. Love it!

Gifts to Make for Boys

I’ll be back later this week with ideas that kids can make and give to adults or to other kids!


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  1. Brittany Nov 30, 2014

    Thanks for this post! I pinned 4-5 of your ideas for my little men--I have 3 boys, soon to be 4 at the end of December.

  2. Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life Nov 30, 2014

    My boys would love that dinosaur hoodie and the dinosaur play mat. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ashlee Dec 11, 2014

    I absolutely adore the hot wheel car jar! We only have a few thousand match box cars so I may have to create some of these for storage : )

  4. Jocelyn Oct 1, 2016

    I am like totes going to do those for my boys!


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