Here’s a collection of simple and beautiful flower crafts for kids!

These flower crafts are perfect for spring and summer, and most of these projects use craft supplies that you probably already have on hand. We love crafting with felt, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and things from the recycling bin. There’s even a flower project with LEGO bricks!

These Pipe Cleaner Flowers look beautiful in a little glass vase. I love this project because it’s simple and attainable for young kids, but also lots of fun for teens and even adults.

Kids will love Building LEGO Flowers. This can really be done with whatever bricks kids have on hand!

Make beautiful Paper Cup Flowers! Grab some paper cups, straws, and paint. Beads or dried beans are a fun addition if you have them.

This Cardboard Flower Collage is a super open-ended project and so much fun. You can get some really interesting textures by taking apart corrugated cardboard! Add some egg cartons too.

I loooooove this Felt, Button, and Popsicle Stick Flower Craft. The flowers are just so sweet!

This next one combines art and math! Make some Flower Tessellations. You can print the template from the post. This is a great collaborative activity to do with a class, although it works great for one child too.

Finally, we have a very Texas flower craft! Make your own Texas bluebonnets with felt and bamboo skewers. We get these out every year in the spring! Here in Texas, bluebonnets bloom in late March and April, and they’re just gorgeous.


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