DIY Toy:  Magnetic Eggs

DIY Toy: Magnetic Eggs

This fun toy is so simple to put together!  We have all been enjoying playing with these magnetic eggs. Want to see how they work? This post contains Amazon affiliate links. Here’s what I used to make them: Ceramic Magnets Modeling Clay (non-hardening) Plastic Easter Eggs Each egg has a magnet in both ends, and…

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Ocean LEGO Projects to Build

Ocean LEGO Projects to Build (Sea Turtle, Crab, Otter, and Fish!)

Ocean LEGO Project Ideas – Sea Turtle, Fish, Otter, and Crab! Last week, we visited SeaLife Aquarium for the opening of their new Rainforest Adventure, which got us in the mood to build some ocean themed LEGO animals. Sea Turtle: This one is my favorite!  I have always loved turtles. Here is the real sea turtle…

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Avengers Perler Beads Pattern

Avengers Perler Bead Patterns

It has been Perler bead summer at our house!  We’ve made minions and Star Wars characters, and now here are some fun Avengers Perler bead patterns. Captain America Aidan adapted a pattern that he saw on Kandi Patterns to make this Captain America.  He wanted it to have a shield. Here is the finished Captain…

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Easy DIY Minions Memory Game

DIY Minions Memory Game

Have you seen the new Minions movie yet?  It just opened here last week, and I’m not sure if we’ll see it or not.  We almost never go to movies at the theater largely because of the cost.  Once it comes out on video, we can own it for half the cost of taking our…

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More LEGO Dogs to Build! Building instructions for a dachshund and a mastiff.

More LEGO Dogs! Dachshund and Mastiff Building Instructions

We’re back with two more LEGO dogs to build – a dachshund and a mastiff!  (The mastiff could easily pass for whatever large breed you’d like it to be. )   I can’t decide which one is cuter. Our first LEGO dog post featured a beagle/hound type dog and a Westie.  You can see those…

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