Wobble Egg Ninjas

Wobble Egg Minions

Got extra plastic Easter eggs?  We had fun turning some of ours into wobbling minions that pop back up when you push them down! To make them, you will need: Blue and yellow plastic Easter eggs Black and gray duct tape Scissors Google eyes Hot glue Modeling clay Black Sharpie marker To make the goggles,…

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25 Projects for Boys Age 10+

25 Awesome Projects for Tween and Teen Boys (Ages 10 and Up)

Need craft or project ideas for older boys?  My 11 year old (almost 12) helped me choose this collection of projects, so these are things that are “boy approved.”  When we say this, of course, we’re not meaning that girls wouldn’t like these ideas or shouldn’t do them!  It’s simply a collection of things that…

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Guitar Pick Necklace

How to Make a Guitar Pick Necklace

How to Make a Guitar Pick Necklace This simple project was all Aidan’s idea, and it turned out great! We bought some leather cord on clearance at Hobby Lobby once upon a time, and he wanted Dad to drill a hole in a guitar pick so that he could make a necklace.  We weren’t sure…

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How to Build LEGO Cats

LEGO Cats! Building Instructions

After we made LEGO dogs, it only seemed right to make some LEGO cats! (If you want to see the dog instructions, you can find them here:  LEGO Dogs) These cats are very posable, but the design is sturdy enough that they are not constantly coming apart – important for little hands! The white paws…

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Melted Crayon Rocks

Melted Crayon Rocks – Simple Art Project for Kids

Here’s a simple art project for kids – decorate rocks with melted crayon! This morning, I needed something to keep three of the boys busy.  We found this project on The Artful Parent, and it was perfect!  We rounded up all of our broken crayons and peeled the papers off, which was a fun activity…

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