Build your own car ramps and garages for toy cars! These projects will show you how to turn cardboard boxes and other simple craft supplies into awesome homemade toys.

If your house is like ours, you probably have a healthy collection of Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars lying around! I feel like I am constantly finding them under the couch, in my purse, in the laundry, etc. Can you relate?

Anyway, here is a great collection of ways to play with toy cars. Add a few simple materials, and you have a great project for a rainy day!

Make a poster board play mat. This is such a fun and open-ended project! Draw roads and destinations. Kids will have fun driving their cars through the drive-thru (we made In ‘n Out!) and parking in parking spaces.

Hot Wheels Play Ideas

Turn a shoe box into a car wash for toy cars. It’s easy to make spinning brushes with dowel rods, felt, and hot glue. Kids will want to wash every one of their cars!

Play Ideas for Hot Wheels Cars

Rain Gutter Car Ramps – Definitely the most sturdy ramp option, in our opinion!

Turn a cardboard box into a jump for cars! A total favorite. We used a diaper box and a cereal box. Add duct tape to make it look sharp, or just leave it as is.

The Best Play Ideas for Cars

If you own some of the orange plastic Hot Wheels race track pieces, you can build an adjustable ramp for them out of PVC and a wood board. This would be fun for running races at a birthday party!

Cardboard Box Garage with Ramps. (Noticing a theme here? There are endless things to do with cardboard boxes and toy cars!)

The Best Play Ideas for Hot Wheels Cars

Build a Cardboard Box Ramps Race Game. We made this awesome toy out of a pizza box! The cars zoom back and forth from top to bottom.

The Best Toy Car Play Ideas

Build a Cardboard Box Racetrack – Use a cardboard box to make a ramp that releases four cars at one time. This is super easy to do, and so fun for races!

Hot Wheels Play Ideas

Build a LEGO Racetrack for Hot Wheels Cars

The Best Hot Wheels Play Ideas

DIY Parking Garage for Storage and Play (This gets used for imaginative play, plus it looks super cute!)

The Best Hot Wheels Car Play Ideas

Snow Storm Hot Wheels Play

The Best Play and Learning Ideas with Hot Wheels Cars

More Play Ideas from Around the Web:

Washi Tape Roadways from Mama Papa Bubba

Portable Car Play Kit from Mama Papa Bubba – This one makes a perfect gift!

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Printable Roads from Picklebums

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    PS My toddler is looking at these pictures insisting that he get to play with your boys! And make all the other ideas too, of course.

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    This is keeping my 3-year old son busy! Thanks for sharing.

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    Love this idea and will be making it tomorrow! Thanks for sharing


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