Need craft or project ideas for older boys? My 11 year old (almost 12) helped me choose this collection of projects, so these are things that are “boy approved.” When we say this, of course, we’re not meaning that girls wouldn’t like these ideas or shouldn’t do them! It’s simply a collection of things that boys might go for.

25 Projects for Boys Age 10+

Art and Creative Projects

Wire Sculptures – It’s neat how much expression you can get into a figure with just wire.

Wire Mummies – Also a fun sculpture project.

Totally Easy Zentangle from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Projects for Kids Age 10+

Make Parachute Cord (Paracord) Bracelets

Build a Star Wars X-Wing from office supplies – too cool!

How to Make a Star Wars X-Wing of of Office Supplies

Star Wars Paper Crafts – things to print and make.

Make a Glow in the Dark Yoda t-shirt from Busy Kids Happy Mom

How to Make Duct Tape Wallets

Make a Guitar Pick Necklace

Guitar Pick Necklace

Science and Engineering Projects

Build an Electro-Magnetic Train

Dry Ice Bubbles from Not Just Cute

Build a Catapult – using office supplies and popsicle sticks!

Create a Chain Reaction – with craft sticks

Awesome Projects for Teens and Tweens (ages 10+)

Make Magnetic Slime – This requires some special materials, but it’s super cool!

Make Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime from Left Brain Craft Brain

Build a Homopolar Motor from Babble Dabble Do

Build a Rocket Powered LEGO Car

Projects for Tweens and Teens

Design a LEGO Marble Run – The post has a video demonstration.

The Great Outdoors

Build a Rocket Stove – cook real food with only twigs for fuel! This is a project that requires adult help, but it’s a pretty cool little cook stove made out of tin cans.

Build a Bat House – Attract bats to your yard with a DIY bat house. My second son is dying to do this! Bats eat a lot of mosquitos, so it’s not altogether a bad idea. He also wants to build an owl box. My parents’ neighbors did this and attracted a screech owl to their yard!

Make a PVC Pipe Marshmallow Blow Gun

DIY Toys and Games

Make a Cardboard Box Skee Ball Game – Use marbles to play.

Build a Spinning Nerf Target – Definitely a favorite!

Awesome Projects

Build a Water Balloon Catapult

Make Some Pool Noodle Nunchucks – ha ha, these look fun!

For more ideas for older boys, and especially hobby ideas, check out this post: 20+ Unplugged Activities for Tween Age Boys (It’s more like 30+ ideas because I have added to it!)

25 Awesome Projects for Boys Age 10+


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    These ideas are great, I am using a couple with my 55 yr old husband who's just had an operation, we both love them! Thank you

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