Here’s a collection of LEGO math activities that kids will love! These activities are perfect for kids in the elementary grades, or ages 5 – 10.

We love using LEGO® bricks for hands-on math learning. There are so many math concepts that you can explore – addition, subtraction, measurement, estimation, fractions, multiplication, division, and more.

Why purchase math manipulatives when you have LEGO bricks? HA!

Here’s how this post works. Each activity has a link that will take you to the full instructions (and printable file if applicable) for that activity.


Get started with the concept of addition by using these LEGO Addition Mats. Perfect for young students who need to see the objects being added.

Build a LEGO Number Line and then use it for addition, subtraction, and more.

These LEGO Math Challenge Cards have been extremely popular! Each card has a task for the child to complete using LEGO® bricks. The cards are perfect for first and second graders, and they cover the concepts of addition, subtraction, fractions, measurement, estimation, place value, and grouping.

LEGO Place Value: Help kids understand the concept of place value by building two-digit numbers as tens and ones. There is a printable mat to go with this!

Print this awesome LEGO First Grade Math Pack. There are activities for measurement, finding the missing addend, and number bonds (addition activities).

Teach probability and graphing with LEGO bricks! This feels more like a game than a math assignment.

Build a LEGO Balance. This simple LEGO balance really works, and will allow kids to compare the weights of different objects. So fun!


I have 4 different ways to teach multiplication with LEGO® bricks, and I’d recommend trying them all so that the child can approach the concept of multiplication from different angles.

First, there is this Printable Multiplication Towers activity. This approaches multiplication as grouping (or repeated addition).

Then you can try this LEGO Multiplication Game that teaches the geometric model of multiplication.

Here’s a really cool way to build a 3D LEGO Multiplication Graph – it’s a way to visualize the multiplication tables.

Kids will also enjoy this LEGO Arrays Multiplication Game. Just grab some dice, basic bricks, and some 16 x 16 plates. Then race to cover the plate!

LEGO Prime Numbers: Use LEGO® bricks to figure out which numbers are prime numbers! This is a concrete way to help kids understand the concept. This post has printable activity sheets with instructions.

Teach fractions with LEGO bricks! Here are Four LEGO Fraction Activities.

Build LEGO Math Patterns: These patterns go way beyond simple red-blue-red-blue patterns! Kids can explore all kinds of cool ways to build mathematical structures.

If you’re looking for LEGO STEM ideas, be sure to check out our LEGO machines book!

Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have is full of 40 cool machines to build with real moving parts. Create robots, a wind-up catapult, a candy machine, a drummer that really plays the drums, and tons more. The book also has explanations of the physics and engineering concepts involved in each of the projects. Build and learn!


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